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Aya Goda Ü 4 Read Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Aya Goda Summary Tao AUTHOR Aya Goda His fast changing country Like some East Asian Cassady and Kerouac Cao and Goda are wild kindred spirits in search of enlightenment and freedom and Goda's prose clear and metallic as a Himalayan stream permits the reader to share their every intrepid step and twist and to taste the tangily different flavors of contemporary China. It took me a little while to get into this one but it was worth persevering A fascinating road travel story about an unsettled time in China Translated to English by Alison Watts Thanks AliI noted in Cao Yong s website it s titled Escape this is presumably the same book Is that the American title

Summary Tao AUTHOR Aya GodaTao AUTHOR Aya Goda

Aya Goda Ü 4 Read Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Aya Goda Summary Tao AUTHOR Aya Goda Ouple over onto the wrong side of the law With the police on their tails the pair criss cross the vastnesses of middle China and push up into Tibet where Cao has been trained as a sky burial master By truck and by jalopy biplane and train dodging bandits and bureaucrats alike the pair take a high speed high risk journey through t. I have to admit that I wasn t really looking forward to reading this book One of my good friends is the translator of the book into English and she sent me a copy from Japan as a gift Although I waited for the perfect time to read it with purpose so I could give her feedback and Alison knows I would be totally honest and would not mince words it isn t my usual taste in reading We need that sometimes though When I belonged to a book club I read a lot of things that I really enjoyed but otherwise never would have picked up at a bookstore When I procrastinated long enough and had space to read it thoughtfully I finally began I have to say honestly that after about 50 pages I was hooked enough to be unable to put it down for long That rarely happens I can count the books that have done that to me Life of Pi Poisonwood Bible Kite Runner but I had no such expectation from this book and was thoroughly delighted I have no interest in China no interest in art With Tibet and China in the news so much lately and with the drama the Olympic torch passing has created it was a timely read I have a much thorough understanding of the reality of life for Chinese citizens It was not in the format of a lecture on world affairs however which I would have found dry and boring despite its current relevance It was the background upon which the story of two people in love of different nationalities unfolded Their desire for freedom to be together and artistic expression lead them to try to escape This memoir by Aya Goda a Japanese woman who fell in love with artist Cao Yong is a exciting ride and documents their escapes failed attempts and roadblocks The fact that Cao Yong is an celebrated artist now and has supported this book gives it much in the way of credibility I now see why my friend Alison Watts read it in Japanese and then pursued the project of translating it into English relentlessly until it finally came to fruition It is currently available on new and used and I hope you will find it as intriguing as I did

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Aya Goda Ü 4 Read Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Aya Goda Summary Tao AUTHOR Aya Goda As protests swirl in the cities and all foreign faces arouse suspicions venturesome young Japanese student Aya Goda travels deep into the interior of China There she falls in with the charismatic and combative wandering painter Cao whose work is initially tolerated by the Chinese authorities and then banned suddenly flipping the c. This was a magical read for me In the late 80s so many young people like Aya were traveling on buses or hitching rides on trucks into the mountains in India and in China up to Ladakh or over the Karakoram highway toward Kashgar from Kathmandu to Tibet across the Friendship Bridge young people from all over the world traveled with heavy backpacks and most probably didn t want to return home all that badly As I read about Aya s incredible journey I became incredibly nostalgic for those youthful days of exploring without money and being so open to people so open to the world I assume young people still have backpacks and are still boarding buses into the mountains I hope so What a great memoir of a particular time though Aya left her peaceful hometown in Japan to open herself to adventure in China only to meet an extraordinary artist named Cao Yong Trying to leave the oppressive country immediately after the Tiananmen massacre the two lovers crisscross China and go back and forth into Tibet several times before at last gaining his visa to leave and move to Japan Wonderfully translated by Alison Watts it doesn t read like a translation at all I am a Japanese translator and was so impressed by Alison Watt s translation Because it is a love story in which the lovers travel from beaches in Sanya on Hainan Island to the big cities of Hong Kong and Beijing and up into the Himalaya to Tibet and Kathmandu the book would make a breathtakingly gorgeous movie More than anything it was the descriptions of Ali and the murals of the kingdom of Guge that I found to be affecting It is such a rarely visited and remote spot I had a copy of Peter van Ham s GORGEOUS coffee table book on the murals Guge Ages of Gold near me as I read Tao One of the things I loved about this memoir is she tells both of their stories so even though Aya didn t travel to Guge or Kathmandu she told his story and those needed up being some of my favorite parts of the book Cao Yong and Aya Goda both have websites and I loved checking out where their talents took them after their romantic adventures in the late 80s Ah the good old days