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Summary रश्मिरथी 107 Son Karna grew up in a lowly family yet became one of the best warriors of his time In the Great Mahabharata war Karna was obliged to fight from the side of Duryodhana as Duryodhana recognizing his merits had made him a king and adopted him as a close friend Karna fighting from Kaurava's side was a great worry of P. This book is just amazing I got to know about it through facebook since I had liked a few pages on it I was just enthralled by the lines that were posted from this book Fortunately I could immediately get it and read it in one stroke Rashmirathi is the first hindi book I have ever read and probably the best too I have always been a huge fan of Karna and Mrityunjay and Rashmirathi have deepened my respect and admiration for him One can read this book over and over and still find it extremely fascinating and even appealing The best part according to me was the kavach kundal daan If you can read Hindi just do yourself a favour and read Rashmirathi The book is a masterpiece in Indian literature A must read for all the Indian mythology fans

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Summary रश्मिरथी 107 Rashmirathi रश्मिरथी meaning 'the Sun's charioteer' is one of the most popular epic poems of the great Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' It is one of the most appreciated works of Dinkar other than KurukshetraKarna was first born son of Kunti whom she had abandoned at birth as he was an illegitimate. What can one say of Dinkar Such uneualed is his styleRashmirathi is like how Arundhati Roy puts it in The God of Small Things The secret of the Great Stories is that they have no secrets The Great Stories are the ones you have heard and want to hear again The ones you can enter anywhere and inhabit comfortably They don t deceive you with thrills and trick endings They don t surprise you with the unforeseen They are as familiar as the house you live in Or the smell of your lover s skin You know how they end yet you listen as though you don t In the way that although you know that one day you will die you live as though you won t In the Great Stories you know who lives who dies who finds love who doesn t And yet you want to know again THAT is their mystery and magicThere can be no other way for me to put Rashmirathi s tale Worth mentioning here is the view Dinkar take on Karna Ah Pleasure to the reader especially to me Karna is my favourite character The way Dinkar strings up his words it forms the most precious necklace of verses in the tale It is like seeing it with your own eyes For instance Overwhelmed I am whenever I read Dinkar

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Summary रश्मिरथी 107 Andavas as he was reputed to be unconuerable in war The way Dinkar has presented the story of Karna with all hues of human emotions trapped in moral dilemmas is simply marvelous The rhythm and meter is lilting Choice of words and purity of language is exhilarating The work has a timeless relevance and is a must read. I came across this book after watching this video in which Manoj Bajpai beautifully recites verses from one of the chapters of Rashmirathi The book eulogizes Karna who is well known not just for his skills and prowess as a warrior but also for his generosity and unrelenting pursuit of DharmaRecite it Each verse is filled with rhythmic music and will leave you delighted