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  • 13 October 2020
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Read & Download Bugchaser â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Th out of the Academy Special Agent Alejandro Madrigal hates his assignment the LAPD and the good old boys of the FBI Single handedly running the new Computer Support Services division in Los Angeles Madrigal thinks he's found love cruising the nearby college campus restrooms His name is TadTheir worlds collide at the corner of 39th Street and Norton Avenue in the City of Angels There the ghost of Elizabeth Short. A killer is going after young gay men He s being chased by a gay FBI agent and it gets uickly complicated from there Lawyers dirty police Hollywood elite and TV crew ensue It s a decent read but the last third of the book was extremely rushed I think the writer honestly got bored with the book One part just abruptly ends likely to make the book shorter Then the rest becomes bits and pieces of the story unlike the rest of the book which is rich in detail It also ends in a cliffhanger with no second book which I hateThe book is very poorly edited with several spelling and grammatical errors that even Word would have caught The formatting for a Kindle book was atrocious and made reading some parts difficult I d have given this book four starts had it been completed in part because it s a unusual genre but rushing through the conclusion and main part of the entire book is inexcusable I feel like I wasted my time getting to know these characters and the situations only to have them drift off the margins of the book like the eraser remnants so coarsely used on them Shame

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Read & Download Bugchaser â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The Black Dahlia is resurrected with the discovery of the bisected body of a young gay man who uickly becomes known as the Gay DahliaWho is the copycat serial killer And who is the next victimBugchaser is a taut suspense thriller written by a new master reminiscent of the great crime noir writersFor both gay and straight audiences some material may not be suitable for all readersAdult discretion is strongly advise. So far my only comments are there are so many mistakes Baby Mikey became baby Willy AudreyAudry the author didn t seem to remember which spelling to go with so went with both And the amount of misplaced commas was bordering on the silly side It s annoying but not enough to stop me reading

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Read & Download Bugchaser â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Note This book contains explicit sexual situations and extreme violenceRandall Hamilton craves crystal meth and sex of any variety He's willing to do anything go anywhere meet anyone to sate his urgesSuffering through banging moaning and screaming each night Stevie and Maria Hundt Hamilton's neighbors contend with the hell that Hamilton has made of their lives Until Stevie and his pregnant wife can take no One mon. Freebie at the zoncom right now