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    E–book [Beautys Bestiality] ✓ Peaches Louise This tale based on the traditional Fairytale Beauty and the Beast came to my attention while looking at the variations of this story and theme It is reasonably well written and edited A traditionally European fairytale written in the traditional style format and language suited to the historic era it's meant to representba

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Beautys Bestiality Characters ✓ 102 S he handed herFirst Profyrio said He is not so inhuman as you saw I take it you caught a glimpse of him last nightShe nodded watching him eat He was so lovely his long lashes fallen against high cheekbones as he cut his meat his hands strong and clean She longed to touch him almost than she longed to sate her hungerProfyrio slid his chair closer to her and took her hand to kiss it He held it stroking her knuckles with his thumb and smiling at her You must trust me In all you do In all I ask you to d.

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Beautys Bestiality Characters ✓ 102 A sexually explicit retelling of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast Francesca a beautiful young woman bored by village life accepts an invitation from the Count to become his son's companion and lover The intriguing offer has a catch the young man was cursed to live his life as a beast Francesca has much to learn not only from the beast but the Count and Countess and even the castle's guests and servants Romantic sexual and adventurous this is a perfect bedtime page turner This contains grap.

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Beautys Bestiality Characters ✓ 102 Hic sexual content and is for mature readers only Here's a tiny sample but you can also click to look inside the bookProfyrio smoothed the collar of his jacket and motioned for her to join him at the small table set with breakfast by a window overlooking a lovely garden Sunlight filled the room and birds sang from the trees outside She half wanted to run from the castle and half to eat everything on the table She decided to eat first run later and sat across from him accepting the plate of sweet roll.

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