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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Imperfect Beauty READ Imperfect Beauty A visit to the Highland games goes awry for Alasdair Buchanan when his cousin abandons him in the crowd His guide dog is terrible at describing the sights but he does a great job of finding the river Too. Very short but sweet read This had the potential to be a great book So many possibilities considering the premise and I wish the author had explored it a little It would have been interesting to see Alsadair and Trisha s relationship develop We got so little time to spend with them as a couple

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Imperfect Beauty

FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Imperfect Beauty READ Imperfect Beauty Doning him Trisha loves the Scot’s flirtatious ways and basks in his compliments but she can’t shake the fear that he’ll hate her when he learns the truth about her a truth everyone can see but him. Originally posted at can a blind man do when his unreliable cousin abandons him in the middle of a Highland Games festival Should he follow a woman who has a beautiful voiceAlasdair Buchanan was blinded in an accident a few years ago and has acuired a helpful guide dog Foster However attending a festival reuires than a guide dog to help him find where he needs to go especially since it s only his third day in America Trisha Wright happened to find him and Foster in front of a river and decided to help him out She is actually glad that he can t see because she doesn t want him to view what has scared everyone else off Trisha a graphic designer has the ability to describe with wonderful detail what is going on around them However she does so without being overly verbose intrusive or condescending making Alastair enjoy himself immensely in her companyI enjoyed this little story so much that I wanted to be the one who got to try the food at the festival I loved the descriptions of surroundings much than in most stories since I was trying to get what Alasdair was experiencing One of the things that really intrigued me was finding out the reason Trisha was worried about Alasdair finding out about her face The words of wisdom that came out of this story definitely made me contemplate about things in life Ms West has a wonderful way with words spinning a tale so interesting that I couldn t believe I was already done with the story when it endedIf your senses are in need of a treat grab hold of your copy of Imperfect Beauty for this ride as Alasdair and Trisha navigate their way through the beginning of their relationship


FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Imperfect Beauty READ Imperfect Beauty Bad Alasdair has no clue where that river is in relation to his cousin’s apartmentWhen Trisha Wright stops to speak with him in her angelic voice Alasdair is certain his cousin did him a favor by aban. PDF version via author for honest reviewTo add much to the summary above would be to spoil the book due to it being a shorter story so in contrast to my usual summary and then thoughts I will go straight to my thoughtsI thought this was a wonderfully sweet and romantic story It shows the reader that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone has the same views on what beauty is Alasdair is a wonderful character who doesn t let being blind stop him from doing things he enjoyed when he had his sight He has also learned to view things in new ways and with an open mind Trisha is a woman who was beautiful in every way until an accident changed that Now she thinks she is just an ugly woman who people shy away from When she meets Alasdair it is magical because he sees her for who she is instead of judging her by her looks first I think this book gives off a wonderful message I loved the flow of the book and it was very well written Sometimes shorter books tend to be choppy or missing detail but this one was neither of those things It was very detailed and flowed very easily alongIf you are in the mood for a short but heartwarming story this is your read55 Stars