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  • 09 August 2020
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Free download The Three Count ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook N Toronto to being a part of the main event with Edge and the Undertaker at WrestleMania For the first time Korderas talks about the harrowing experience of being. Brilliant for any wrestling fanVery interesting to read a refs perspective of the business and how Jimmy got into it all this book has it all

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Free download The Three Count ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In the ring during Owen Hart's accident and about the horrific effects of the Chris Benoit tragedy the most difficult moments of his life in wrestling P 4 of cover. I want to clarify that I enjoyed reading this book from the point of view that it was written by a fellow Canadian a wrestling fan turned WWE employee living the dream and it contains a perspective rarely heard from in wrestling lit a referee as opposed to a former promoter or wrestler or manager Korderas clearly had some fantastic and interesting experiences with the WWE and his story is well worth tellingThe problem is he andor his ghost writer if he had one isn t a particularly great writer Sorry I hate saying that because I think anyone with the courage to put words to paper and share their story deserves a ton of credit But often I found the stories he was telling hampered by repetition awkward segues and a bit of a stream of consciousness off the top of my head style that was charming but also distracting at times especially particularly in serious moments such as discussing the deaths of Owen Hart and the Benoit family arguably two of the most tragic stories in wrestling historyThis is one of those books at the end of the day that I think is well worth a read for someone who is already a wrestling fan and dying for the stories but the uality of the book and the depth of the tales told probably aren t strong enough to merit must read status for casual fans and is definitely not on the list of books I d hold up to non fans as an example of THIS IS WHY I WATCH

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Free download The Three Count ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The Three Count highlights the triumphs and tragedies Jimmy Korderas experienced over his storied career as a WWE referee from humble beginnings with Jack Tunney i. Jimmy Korderas is an anomaly in the wrestling business Not only is he one of the few referees perhaps the only one to write a book but he s also one of the few former WWE employees without some sort of an agenda He s a self professed glass half full kind of guy and tries his hardest to maintain a positive view when it comes to the wrestling industry But can you blame him He worked his dream job for over twenty years Not many people can say they ve achieved that level of personal success in their livesJimmy s book is an entirely different animal when it comes down to the tropes of wrestling autobiographies Most performers often seem to insist on slinging dirt or writing about how fantastic an entertainer they were Jimmy instead focuses very little on himself and so on the people around him He gives us small glimpses into his personal life here and there but relies heavily on situations and stories that are memorable for both good and bad reasons In fact there are some real gems in here one of which includes a match in which a certain foreign object is used by Owen Hart against Edge that would be a crime not to knowJimmy weighs in on some of WWE s biggest moments during his time with the company including the build for WrestleMania IV involving the Hebner twins the Montreal screw job the infamous plane ride from Hellalso what he considers the real plane ride from Hell and the Benoit murdersuicide Korderas isn t out to offer up some groundbreaking information but rather relays his thoughts on the matter and his reactions as the events unfoldedDespite his positive attitude there are some heartbreaking entries involving the untimely passing of the aforementioned Owen Hart as well as former WWE champion Eddie Guerrero His tributes are at moments touching but are also filled with some humorous behind the scenes antics Both are legendary practical jokers beloved by everyone they ve worked with and the tales Jimmy relays are laugh out loud funnyKorderas gives the reader a peek into the role of a professional wrestling referee It s amazing how integral their role within a match is Everything from giving time cues to relaying messages from agents and producers backstage it s a wonder guys can get through certain match styles where a referee isn t assignedJimmy Korderas should be an inspiration to us all He took a passion that he had from a very early age and made a career out of it Sure there are always negative aspects to every job even if it happens to be your dream job but it never hurts to remember that you re doing what you truly love in this life and that s how the author wrote this bookYou re a lucky guy Jimmy