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  • Hardcover
  • 40
  • Going Places
  • Peter H. Reynolds
  • English
  • 10 April 2020
  • 9781442466081

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Read Going Places Free read Going Places 100 A go cart contest inspires imagination to take flight in this picture book for creators of all ages with art from New York Times bestselling illustrator Peter H ReynoldsIt's time for this year's Going Places contest Finally Time t. He peered over the fenceHey Maya you haven t even started yetMaya didn t respond She was so intent on watching the bird in front of her and uickly sketching it that she didn t even notice RafaelA boy with no imagination and a girl with a great imagination team up when the entire class gets the same kit to make go carts for the annual go cart raceNotable thingsThe two main characters are non whiteGood illustrationsGood message about the value of imagination and working together

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Going Places

Read Going Places Free read Going Places 100 Cart And who said there's only one way to cross the finish lineThis sublime celebration of creative spirit and thinking outside the box both figuratively and literally is ideal for early learners recent grads and everyone in betwe. Going Places is an artistically beautiful story with an even better message it is always okay to be yourself and sometimes the path that everyone else is taking isn t the only one The story beings in a classroom with the Going Places contest looming on the near horizon and everyone is very excited most of all Rafael Rafael loves the contest and can hardly wait to get his hands on his go kart kit He is determined to win the race this year He rushes home after school to begin building and follows the directions to the letter completing what he thinks to be a race winning car But when he goes next door to check on how his friend Maya is doing he sees that she hasn t built a go kart at all In fact she is actually trying to build something entirely different from what the directions tell you Rafael is stunned but after talking with Maya he decides to join her in her uest to be differentI see this story used with many age levels The book would be a perfect read aloud to begin the school year or introduce a special project the students will be engaging in The clear message tells children that while often people choose to follow the same path because that is where they are told to go it is okay to be different and sometimes straying from the norm is exactly what you need This is a perfect book to keep in your classroom library regardless of the age of your students

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Read Going Places Free read Going Places 100 O build a go cart race it and win Each kid grabs an identical kit and scrambles to buildEveryone but Maya She sure doesn't seem to be in a hurry and that sure doesn't look like anybody else's go cartBut who said it had to be a go. Going Places is a story for the creative at heart This picture book encourages out of the box thinking the thinking that leads to the greatest inventions and adventures The full review can be found at