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  • 101 Smoothies
  • Eliq Maranik
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  • 10 August 2018
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Eliq Maranik » 7 review 101 Smoothies Read & Download  107 Ugh each of these 101 mouthwatering recipes packed with fresh and delicious ingredients with tips on combinations preparation and preservation In addition you can rate the smoothies according to your taste and tak. AUGUST PROJECT IS OVERWELCOME TO AUGUST PROJECT which is just a continuation of JULY PROJECT found here month i am doing something a little bit different with the garnishes because making one smoothie a day just isn t challenging enough therefore each daily garnish will be a representation of whatever day it is using these links for reference don t know if i will have room to post the smoothie photo as it appears in the book so for now it ll just be me here we goNECTARINE RASPBERRYaug 1 national raspberry cream pie daythis is my deconstruction of a raspberry cream pie raspberries are in the smoothie cream is whipped cream which was meant to be a bigger part of this tableau but SOMEONE put a nearly empty can of whipped cream back in the fridge so that s all i could swing and the purple pieman s pet berry bird is standing in for the pie and possibly pooping whipped creamCHOCOLATE BANANA aug 2 national ice cream sandwich daythis smoothie has ice cream bananas vanilla and cocoa powder soit s a milkshake which is perfect for national ice cream sandwich day enjoyCHERRY COCONUTaug 3 national grab some nuts dayit s also national watermelon day but ppfftt no contest DEEZ NUTS GRAB EMCHOCOLATE VANILLAaug 4 national chocolate chip cookie daythis one is weird i m not sure how mixing yogurt and uark and a cream made with uark melted chocolate chips and a mere 2 tbsp of water can result in a smoothie consistency it just makes blended yogurt i am including her photo this time because she recommended trickling some of the chocolate cream on the inside of the glass to make it pretty i guess she used all of the cream in her trickle because these two smoothies bear no resemblance to each other WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRIESaug 5 so many choices for today i went with national jamaican beef patty day national mustard day and national clown day i did not have actual clowns on hand but i have these day of the dead skulls that kinda look like evil clowns if you suint a little and some clownfish today s lesson writing with mustard is trouble than its worth i really wish i had some kind of budget for these projects i am full of ideas that would be so cool if i had money to execute em so if anyone knows any eccentric millionaires that like giving money to other weirdos tell them about meAVOCADO SPINACHaug 6 national doll dayi found these creepy zombie eyed baby dolls a while back at a dollar store and i loved them so much i bought them all and now i have a reason to use them happy doll daybonus today i discovered that their heads come offand that they are good cirue du soleil candidatesPINEAPPLE LEMON BALMaug 7 purple heart dayit is also particularly preposterous packaging day but i don t have a clue what that would even look like the smoothie however was particularly palatableCHOCOLATE MINTaug 8 international cat daythis is like a where s waldo game with the smoothie standing in for waldo this is roughly 1100000000 of the cat shaped things in my house i have a problem if you are celebrating it is also national sneak some zucchini into your neighbor s porch day so get on that if you haven t alreadyALMOND BANANAaug 9 national book lovers daytwo great days in a row y all cats and books that s the life for me it s also melon day and i d intended to make a melon based smoothie but i did not have as many raspberries in my freezer as i thought i did oh no but to celebrate here is my smoothie in front of the mighty mt stack the pile of books that people were kind enough to send me and that i am trying really hard to fulfill the promise of reading happy booknerd dayBLUEBERRY MELONaug 10 duran duran appreciation day national s s day skyscraper appreciation day world lion dayit is also national lazy day but if there s one thing i m not it s lazy sensible is another thing i m not but that s a whole nother story i liked this one a lot and if you are interested the melon is honeydewMELON PASSION FRUITaug 11 national presidential joke dayin honor of america s favorite president here is a joke Why is Ex President Pierce like the privates of a manBecause he went in Hard and came out Soft and here is a link to the best jokes told by all the presidents ever and i will enjoy this smoothieNECTARINE MANGOaug 12 world elephant dayoooOOOOooo a hovering albino elephant the recipe did not tell me to peel the nectarines so i did not peel the nectarines making this a very spotty looking smoothie but it s very refreshing all the same warning the next few days are pretty lame and it s too hot for me to feel especially creative with interpretation andor crafting so brace yourself for the lameBLUEBERRY VANILLAaug 13 left handers daya very tasty smoothie for a very important day to all of you who know firsthand the exasperation of leaving a trail of smudged ink across the pages of your hand written manifestos the impossibility of peeling potatoes the injuries your elbows have inflicted upon innocent fellow diners to all you sinister bitches i give a round of high fives someday our can opener will comeKIWI MANGOaug 14 national creamsicle daythis one has kiwi mango AND oranges in it so it can totally be friends with these creamsicles delishBLUEBERRY PEARaug 15 national lemon meringue pie dayok i could not find an actual miniature lemon meringue pie probably because they were all sold out due to national lemon meringue pie day revelers but i managed to find a miniature lemon chess pie upon which i planted another strawberry shortcake pet this one belonging to wait for it lemon meringue it is a frog named frapp i also bought very many meringue cookies which are an ingredient in one of these smoothies in this book the very one i had intended to make today because of the theme and all but i overestimated the availability of cr me fra che in my neighborhood and YES i could make my own but instead i used my time to sew a miniature mouse with giant testicles while drinking this smoothie it was deliciousORANGE MANGOaug 16 national rum dayto celebrate national rum day i bought tiny bottles of the stuff and made a smoothie that pairs well with rum and also prevents scurvy for any pirates who might stop by for the festivities so far no pirates just some drunken raccoons but that s actually preferable it is also wave at the surveillance cameras day so make sure you do some of that too under rum s sweet influence or notMELON BANANAaug 17 black cat appreciation dayyes cats and one confused skunk mackin on a cat and somewhere in there a smoothie a mighty tasty one actually again the melon is honeydewHAZELNUT CHOCOLATEaug 18 bad poetry dayto celebrate terrible poetry i drank a delicious smoothie while going over some of lang leav s finest offerings for feel free to read some of the poems i excerpted in my reviews of her books she bad hazelnuts goodlove and misadventurelullabiesRASPBERRY MANGOaug 19 national soft ice cream day national potato day and international orangutan daythis one was pleasantly sour and i am just now realizing it is because i forgot to add honey to taste but i like it sour so ppbblltt to you however it is a shame i forgot the honey since it is also national honeybee awareness day and i am acting as though i have ZERO awareness of honeybees and their contributions sorry beeeezzzzzzzzMANGO ROSEHIPaug 20 world mosuito daythank goodness for google image search because i have zero mosuito related objects in my house but i DO like how the rosehips in the smoothie look like flecks of blood i do NOT it turns out like the taste of rosehipsMANGO STRAWBERRYaug 21 poet s daya fruity smoothie with a byron bomb shotwhich like byron himself made a big ole messMANGO GINGERaug 22 national tooth fairy day eat a peach daythis one is VERY good eat a peach then suck down a mango no scurvy for youPOMEGRANATE GRAPEFRUITaug 23 my birthday which is way important than cuban sandwich day or national sponge cake dayit was a delicious smoothie for a very celebratory dayMANGO LEMON BALMaug 24 national waffle day and knife daydo not run on knife day not even to get to the waffle buffetPRUNE CINNAMONaug 25 national banana split daynothing says celebration like a prune amirightCUCUMBER APPLE LIMEaug 26 national dog daya very refreshing drink for those dog days of summer however calling this a smoothie might be misleading it s a straight up juiceSTRAWBERRIES MERINGUESaug 27 international bat nightso many bats this one was very delicious but without the meringues it s pretty bland so stock up on meringues kidsPOMEGRANATE WATERMELONaug 28 rainbow bridge remembrance day i d never heard of rainbow bridge day and had planned on going with bowtie day but it turns out that Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Daysets aside a day to remember the pet companions we ve lostThe death of a pet whether furry feathered or an uncommon variety we feel the loss deeply They become family and a familiar part of our lives Mourning their death is different for everyone and Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day provides a way to help heal the ache of lossCelebrate the home you provided and the joy your beloved pet brought you in return so i did that instead the smoothie was excellent but i discovered one of my pomegranates was rotten inside so i had to rush out and buy pomegranate juice midway through the processBEET CARROTaug 29 herbs less salt dayagain i m not sure it s a smoothie if you never use the blender while making it but it s a pretty tasty juice could use some saltAVOCADO PINEAPPLEaug 30 national toasted marshmallow dayanother delicious smoothie with only one to go in this two month long project to celebrate slimer came back for a cameo appearance you may recognize him from the july 4th smoothie or you know from all the movies he was inCARROT PINEAPPLEaug 31 national trail mix day burger day we love memoirs day and also national diatomaceous earth day but i don t celebrate that particular holidayso that s that two months of smoothies in my tummy and i ended on a good one full of nutriments and also ice cubes there are 39 smoothies left in this book and my freezer is still full of fruit so maybe i will finish the book at a leisurely pace but right now i m going to go make something i have to chew hope you had fun

Read & Download 101 Smoothies

101 Smoothies

Eliq Maranik » 7 review 101 Smoothies Read & Download  107 Is there any beverage delightfully refreshing and nutritious than a thick and delicious smoothie 101 Smoothies by food and desserts expert Eli Maranik is the ultimate book on the subject The author guides you thro. WELCOME TO JULY AND MAYBE AUGUST PROJECT PART ONE IS OVER PART TWO CAN BE FOUND HERE m still deciding what to do there are so many nearly 102 recipes in here and most of them appeal to me i ve been buying fresh fruit and freezing it for a while now in anticipation of this project which might extend into a 2 month endeavor since all i wanna do in the blazing discomfort of summer which i have renamed bummer is stay cool n fruity many of the recipes i wanted to make reuire a juicer which i do not have but i might cheat and buy fresh made beet carrot or apple juice from the person who stands in front of the colombian bakery all day with a juicer and a table and have them do that part for me everything is TBD but no matter what it s gonna be a smoothie summerSTRAWBERRY BASIL JULY 1the photographyfood staging in this book is great so instead of doing a mise photo like i usually do in my food projects i m going to do a photo face off what it looks like in the book and what mine looked like ALSO this book talks about the importance of garnish suggesting things one might use to fancy up a smoothie fine suggestions all but i m going to come up with my own ideas and in lieu of showing off all my drink containers la mug cakes i m going to focus on my garnish instead 101 smoothies 1 glass many garnishesenough talk here is smoothie number onehersminea tasty beginning i learned that my blender although brand new prefers strawberries to be a bit less frozen solid before it will deign to chop em up other than that and the unspecified amount of corn syrup in the recipe and the fact that there s even corn syrup in the recipe and the fact that i even have corn syrup in my cupboard with no memory of buying it this one s a keeper i just blopped a little corn syrup in since i had no clue how much to use i don t think it needed itBLACKBERRIES MANGO JULY 2hersminethis is a good combo mango and blackberry and lime juice too many seeds but i can just strain em out next time so far so good projectRASPBERRY PEAR JULY 3hersmineanother tasty one i have a feeling this is going to be a much repeated phrase throughout this project because how can blended fruit be anything but tasty so get used to hearing itAVOCADO MANGO JULY 4hersminetasty but she gave NO WARNING that ghosts might emerge from this smoothieCHERRY BLUEBERRY JULY 5hersminethis particular garnish will add much protein to your smoothie it had a lot of chewy fruitskin bits odd but healthy i guessSTRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE JULY 6hersmineyou gotta be uick on the draw with some of these garnishes otherwiseATREEEEYUUUUUi don t know how hers got that little stratification thing going on mine didn t but mine had rainbow sprinkles so WINKIWI BANANA JULY 7hersmineok i really phoned in that garnish i will try to do better with the next one this is a combination i never would have thought of but i will make it again for yum purposesWATERMELON STRAWBERRY LIME JULY 8hersminemy smoothie was not thick enough to support all that crushed ice causing sinkage spillage and a lime monster escape lock your doorsthis one probably should have had strawberries or less watermelon or some oatmeal to soak up all the excess juice will adjust recipe in the futureWATERMELON RASPBERRY MINT JULY 9hersminewelcome to smoothie grotto i hope two watermelon smoothies in a row aren t too zzzz but watermelons take up a lot of room in the fridge so WAKE UP i like this one only slightly less than the one before both were very refreshingMANGO PINEAPPLE JULY 10hersminehealthy treat meet tooth decay now FIGHTRED CURRANTS STRAWBERRIES JULY 11hersminethe currants have eeeeeyyyyeeeesss someday i shall write up a whole piece about the great ingredient trackdown of 17 it has not always been easy LGMMANDARIN MANGO JULY 12hersmineit s ms pac man y all this one is made with sparkling mineral water which means it is a very fancy and b very thin so i had to cheat a little in order to support the garnish here but it s PRACTICALLY UNDETECTABLE RIGHTBLUEBERRY CINNAMON JULY 13hersminethe la brea tar pits the panic is real a cinnamon honey fruity graaaaveSTRAWBERRY BEET JULY 14hersmineHAPPY BASTILLE DAY and yes i spent time making a miniature three dimensional guillotine with an actual blade instead of doing something productive towards bettering my future and getting a proper job but damn that smoothie was tastyBLACKCURRANT STRAWBERRY JULY 15hersminethe lesson here is always watch your back predators are everywhere i think miriam is correct re color correction because i used PLENTY of my precious blackcurrants and still the strawberries dominate while hers is all black velvet majesty this one is very sour tasty and i got to use that vanilla powder for the first time i also had to resort to my garnish supporting mechanism which is again barely even noticeable right rightRED CURRANT MANGO JULY 16hersminea very special game of thrones smoothie to get even psyched for tonight and you know what happens when you get two dragons togetherand now it s a partyBLACKCURRANT GRAPEFRUIT JULY 17hersminean attack an action shot that made uite a mess but a very delicious mess this one also had pears and raspberries but the smoothie s name wants to keep that a secret from youMANDARIN PAPAYA JULY 18hersminebunny helped add texture to this smoothieAPRICOT ORANGE JULY 19hersminethe calm before the carnage when animals figure out weapons i thought i would need the saran wrap here for support but animals balance well and all it did was mess up my photo oh well live learnSTRAWBERRY BANANA JULY 20hersmineyou guys it s dora the menorah hilarity aside this one ties with apricotorange and strawberrybeet for best smoothie so farPEAR GINGER JULY 21hers mineand for detailthis one s for alissa who reuested a mini scene of Wesley and Princess Buttercup in the Fireswamp sinking into the Lightning Sand with a hungry ROUS waiting on the sidelines as you wish alissa we have moved way beyond any sane definition of garnish and well into mixed media art project but let s not split luna hairs and don t anyone give me any grief about accuracy i know he wasn t wearing his little kerchief in that scene but i wanted to make it anyway ppbbllttRASPBERRY PASSION FRUIT JULY 22hersminenot so much garnish as i made my own kool aid man OH YEEEAAAHHH with kool aid man brainsRASPBERRY BLUEBERRY JULY 23hersmineIT S SHHHAAAAARRRKKK WEEEEEKKKK and i am READYORANGE BANANA JULY 24hersmineyou guys i think crispin glover s in troubleBLACKCURRANT RED CURRANT JULY 25hersminei used a different glass just this once to celebrate shark week even furiously this is actually two smoothies layered one atop the other and you know what happens when a red current meets a black current SHARKNADO and then i made a messthis smoothie was made possible by the early birthday present of A JUICER from my dad and jerri thanks guys now i can juice EVERYTHINGGRAPEFRUIT STRAWBERRY JULY 26hersminerarrrr a ferocious shark chooses to eat michael phelps instead of some chubby whales breakfast of CHAMPIONwhat i like most about this one is how frothy it isbecause you know phelps put up a decent struggle all for naughtBANANA PASSION FRUIT JULY 27hersmineTHINGS DRESSED LIKE SHARKSSHARKS DRESSED LIKE THINGSand also shrimpie because he is adorable and fearless as to the smoothie itself this is a nice bright sour one i approvePEACH RASPBERRY JULY 28hersmineway too sleepy for garnish ingenuity tonight here s a hammerhead shark thoughfor shark weeknow it s night night for us bothAPPLE PINEAPPLE GINGER JULY 29hersmineok this one doesn t show off the actual smoothie to its best advantage but at least we got a food chain going and i am the most apex of all predators as i gulp it all down raaarrrrGUAVA STRAWBERRY JULY 30hersminemr shark is taking his suitcase full of memories and swimming off into the sunset but don t worry he will be back next year to delight us all once oh and ps fuck you mexican guavasCOCONUT PINEAPPLE JULY 31hersmineno wrestlers yet but i figured a monkey party would do for now they made uite a mess too many monkeys this smoothie is a surprising tie for first place i m almost out of room here so while i will be continuing this project thru august it will be on a different edition link HERE

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Eliq Maranik » 7 review 101 Smoothies Read & Download  107 E notes about your own versions of each particular smoothie Relying on the natural sweetness of fruits and the nutritional benefits of vegetables you can enjoy smoothies in large glasses without any pangs of guilt. despite trying really really hard and doing this project for two whole months i am still left with 39 recipes i want to finish the book at some point arbitrary stupid goals FTW but since there s not room enough to do that in the julyaugust review i will post them in this third space whenever i make one you will not defeat me booki will not be making garnishes for these final smoothies but i WILL be linking them together another way by sharing them with connor this will be even entertaining than garnishes because connor only likes about 3 different flavors of anything and actively dislikes many fruits and vegetables as can be seen here i am not going to tell him what is in each smoothie i m just going to document his reaction let s see how it goesMELON RASPBERRYi decided to start him off easy get his guard down and all i made this one at his house because of the large selection of star wars ice cube traysreadyreadygoi d hoped for a dramatic reaction but this will do he enjoyed it and i didn t have to clean up any barf the exotic smoothies should give me what i want mwah ha haaaaa for now enjoy these melonsREMAINING RECIPESORANGE MANGO POMEGRANATEBLACKCURRANT RASPBERRYMANGO PASSION FRUITA AI STRAWBERRYCRANBERRY PEARPAPAYA PASSION FRUITMIXED WILD BERRIESPEAR PASSION FRUITPLUM ROSEHIPMELON GOJI BERRIESRHUBARB STRAWBERRYPAPAYA MANDARINKIWI ORANGEPRUNE ALMONDBLACKBERRY APPLE CINNAMONSTRAWBERRY CHILEMANGO CHILEOAT MILK RASPBERRYLINGONBERRY CARDAMOMVANILLA APPLEBLACKBERRY VANILLASTRAWBERRY LINSEEDBLACKCURRANT UARKSTRAWBERRY VANILLAVANILLA RASPBERRYVANILLA APPLE HONEYSUMMER BERRY YOGURTBLACKCURRANT OATMEALBEET CELERYCARROT ORANGE CHILEBEET GARLICBEET CHILEPEAR KIWI BROCCOLICOCONUT CHOCOLATECHOCOLATE CHILEPOMEGRANATE COCONUTCOFFEE VANILLAPINEAPPLE AND VANILLA ICE CREAMJULY