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The Cursery Rhymes Download ↠ 104 Life It is therefore time for a new set of stories to be toldThe following work is a collection of short stories and rhymes that are meant as a parody on the moral tales we enjoyed being read to us as children They are meant for an adult audience and are certainly not meant to be read to children at allIf you are easily offended do not read this book It is meant for an adult audience onl.

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The Cursery Rhymes Download ↠ 104 When we were children before drifting to sleep we would always go to bed with a story These fables and tales would teach us a valuable lesson that would shape our view of the world and then warm in the knowledge that everything worked out for the best we would dream of far off lands and adventureBut the world is not full of unicorns and rainbows where children play by chocolate rivers wit.

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The Cursery Rhymes Download ↠ 104 H gum drop smiles There is no justice inherent in today’s society and basic morality is a thing of the past The lessons we learned in the stories we were told as children are now redundant and do nothing to prepare us for the cruel harsh reality of the modern twisted world The underdog does not win The peasant doesn't get the prince and you as sure as hell do not get what you deserve in.

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