Carrying the Greek's Heir E–book/E–pub

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 185
  • Carrying the Greek's Heir
  • Sharon Kendrick
  • English
  • 14 July 2020
  • 9780373133314

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Read Carrying the Greek's Heir ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Pregnant with the billionaire's baby From the moment hardworking Ellie Brooks met mogul Alek Sarantos her life has gone off the rails First she was fired Now she's pregnant with the ruthless Greek's baby It. I liked the start of this story but by the end I was so not impressedA poor waitress gets her virginity taken by the rich and totally horrible Greek billionaireThis guy sleeps with her because he finds her sweet and not a gold digger like the women he usually bedsthen after the deed leaves her after shutting the bedroom door softly What a damn cadSo anyway poor Ellie finds herself without a joband pregnant What is a girl to do with no money or prospectsYes she looks up Alek the not so nice hero on the internet and pays him a visit at his headuarters to tell him the news No than just the heir newsshe demands that he marries her What This is something the hero usually demands not the heroine Look she says she s not a gold digger Right She s doing it all for the baby OkayAll of a sudden Alek becomes the good guycaring and all so niceand Ellie becomes this so not likeable character So we know that these two characters have had some bad things happen in their past but jeezwas all that baggage drawn outby the end there were so many things happeningall new discoveries that it became a bit too muchI have enjoyed some of this author s books but this was one of those that was a bit unrelatable and characters that I did not warm up to It was just so so

Read Carrying the Greek's HeirCarrying the Greek's Heir

Read Carrying the Greek's Heir ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free T meant for with a husband she shouldn't desire Ellie's resolve wavers Until a tiny kick from within reminds her why she made a deal with this handsome devil her baby his heir When one nightleads to pregnan. I m the odd one out on this one I liked it 35 stars

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Read Carrying the Greek's Heir ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Was only supposed to be one wild passionate night Yet when Ellie shows up demanding Alek legitimize their unborn child he shocks himselfand agrees to her outrageous reuest Catapulted into a world she wasn'. Carrying the Greek s Heir provided a nice armchair trip to a bit of Greece Alek was the typical rich alpha male who usually got his way and never settled for one specific woman due to watching how his father behaved with women and treated his own mother He takes a short vacation and meets a waitress at his resort and things get carried away between him and Ellie This Alek was so arrogant and elitist that it was hard to like him When Ellie becomes pregnant and demands marriage Alek agrees But things go as they usually do when two people from vastly different backgrounds come together and one of them considers himself above the person he is marrying volatile Alek is also very angry because of what happened with his mother and has a huge disdain for women outside of having sex with them Ellie has a backbone and she stands up for herself She makes him investigate his own feelings about his childhood as he realizes that he doesn t know his own feelings at all Watching these two grow as people and grow as a couple is what makes this story enjoyable