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  • Addictions A Banuet in the GraveFinding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Resources for Changing Lives
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Addictions A Banuet in the GraveFinding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Resources for Changing Lives Summary ↠ 104 Free download Addictions A Banuet in the GraveFinding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Resources for Changing Lives Learn the addict's true condition like guests at a banuet thrown by the woman Folly he is already in the grave Prov 913 18 Can we not escape our addictions If we're willing to follow Jesus the author says we have immense hope hope in God's forgiving grace. Welch states his purpose in this book to show how the theological riches of the Bible speak practically and meaningfully to the problem of addictions This book is extremely helpful not only to those who self identify as addicts but for all Christians since all Christian struggle with recurring sins Welch has reflective sections at the end of each chapter one section for the addict the other for the Christian friend of the addict Welch goes out of his way to demonstrate how the addict s friend is in many ways like the addictWelch is no AA basher Indeed he acknowledges how AA has to our shame been accepting and often helpful when it comes to a pathway to sobriety as well as a pathway to a new community AA however does not lead one to a life of worship in Jesus Christ and being a family member of the church and the eternal kingdom of God May the Lord help us to make our churches sanctuaries and hospitals for the addicts all around usUOTESRegardless of the church s perceived weaknesses it remains God s primary agent for change Even the world hints at this when it diagnoses addictions as spiritual problemsThe church changes our identity Notice the difference between I m Jim I m an alcoholic and I m Jim I am part of the body of Christ I am part of a royal priesthood a holy nation a people belonging to God 1 Peter 2 9 For those who have put their faith in Christ it is Christ himself who unites us and defines us not race financial status hobbies interests or particular problems Our family those closest to us are those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ When our core identity is alcoholic drug addict or sex addict we are saying that our problem defines us and our church consists of the people who share that particular problemFinally wisdom suggests that if you have both offended and been offended by the same person don t try to confess and confront at the same time Confession should long precede your confrontationFight these kinds of thoughts with the fear of the Lord principle All aspects of my life are seen by God Would I be comfortable having my behavior and my imaginations made publicLaw without grace is called legalism and grace without law is called antinomianism literally against the lawGod desires something than our mechanical obedience He teaches us about himself so that our obedience can be in the context of a loving relationship between a father and child He reminds us that he has loved us to the extreme in Jesus and a father who loves us that much is not going to impose oppressive commands Rather his desire is to bless and prosper us as his childrenRemember that it is easier to avoid an idol when we are far from it When it is within reach cravings will be much intenseWelch uoting Luther What do you do when you are caught in some sin If your answer is I ll do better next time then you have no need of Christ that you despair of your own righteousness and you trust boldly in Christ But the Christian life always looks in three directions first at Christ then at our own hearts and finally at other peopleI went through this book with a group of men in our church Below are some of the uestions we wrote for our group studyCHAPTER 11 Does it seem awkward to you to discuss your own struggles and then in the next thought think about the struggles of others and helping them Or to what degree should one be a sheep who struggles and a shepherd who cares for the wayward2 What addictions are the focus of this book Will this book be relevant to those who are not in bondage to those3 What is the basic point of this book4 Is Scripture preoccupied with addictions page 6 Defend your answer5 Do you live very differently in private than you do in public Do you permit your imagination to indulge itself in ungodly fantasies If so what are you doing according to the author p 86 Why is it so critical for us to be accountable to others p 97 What is a dry drunk p 98 What unites most addictions p 129 Does God s Word support the ever widening list of addictions according to Welch Do you agree with him Why p 12 What would you add to his list10 What can own you besides Christ p 1211 When have you been self deceived and how did you discover your self deceptionCHAPTER 21 Recurring sins or addictions are ultimately against Whom To what degree do you think of this if at all Why does it matter 202 To what degree do you feel that sin is the primary problem in your life When sin is not perceived as the primary problem what is3 Does the New Testament distinguish between sickness and sin Cite Scripture that supports your answer Is drunkenness in the category of a sickness or a sin What about meth or cocaine abuse What is the difference between seeing drunkenness as a victimizing physical weakness versus an expression of a self focused heart4 According to the author why do heavy drinkers consume alcohol What are heavy drinkers worshipping when they drink What about drugs What about pornography Food Who is worshipped 225 What is the wake of pain for those addicted to alcohol food drugs or pornography 226 What is the difference between the terms alcoholic and drunkard or obese and glutton 24 What is the majority opinion concerning the categorization of alcoholism Why7 Review Welch s nine reasons that people drink Drinking is purposeful he says 24 If you are an alcoholic what is the purpose of your drinking Identify your most recurring sin What does it do for you Why do you do it8 What is the first issue to address when someone is physically dependent on drugsalcohol 299 A friend of yours is addicted to food alcohol pornography or drugs Are you reluctant to call this addiction a sin when you are with him Whywhy notCHAPTER 51 When an addict calls you for help what is going on What is likely to happen than an addict calling you for help 872 Is it common to miss the sins and indulgences of an addict Why3 When you feel like hitting an addict upside the head how do you show love and kindness in humility Have you done the latter4 As we have opportunity to shepherd young people who drink smoke while underage what else should we alert to 905 When evidence of addiction is found and one confronts someone what is so important to keep in mind Should the confronter be in helper expert mode 926 How do you respond to the truth even when it is deeply distressing Are you approachable Can people easily tell you the truth knowing that you will be able to handle it7 If you really want to lay a foundation for honesty you must be a person who is uick to acknowledge your own sin What if the sin of the person you are confronting is not even a temptation for you How can you acknowledge your sin in a way that is helpful when you have not committed that sin eg cocaine or alcohol addiction8 What Scripture helps us know how to confront an addict What is always the goal 949 Should you wait for the addict to hit bottom before confronting in love Whywhy not10 Does Scripture support granting privacy in the parent child relationship If so cite Scripture If not why not11 What did you learn from the chapter about helping the spouse of an addict12 What impressed you from the chapter about an intervention What do you make of the intervention church discipline euation13 What is the author s view on secular programs like AA Do you agree Whywhy not14 Are Christian addicts usually freed from bondage in a miraculous moment or a miraculous process that involves ups downs Discuss15 Alcoholics Anonymous has a better understanding of the need for daily exhortation than the church TRUE or FALSECHAPTER 61 Should we avoid AA or embrace it What are some things to consider 118 192 Do you have suggestions for how Cornerstone s worship services could be welcoming and communicate God is here 1213 What are some ways you tend to answer If I only had then I could be happy4 As a follow up to uestion 3 from the list of heart uestions on p 130 share one or two that speak accurately to your life 5 When getting to know another s story what are some things that indicate the gospel needs to be shared and believed maybe for the first time6 What did you like from the sections Securing a commitment and Build walls of protection7 Share a story about how God has at some time or many times provided a way out for youCHAPTER 7Knowing the Lord1 As you read through the chapter highlight passages that stand out to you If anything you mark is not covered in the following uestions and you would like to share there may be time at the end 2 This chapter is about knowing the Lord This book is about addictions Where could addictions fit into 2 Peter 133 What is the root problem or sin underlying all addictions4 What is the ultimate solution to this sin problem 5 In what way must a biblical approach to addiction radically depart from all other recovery strategiesWARNING JESUS HAS BEEN DOMESTICATED6 We have probably all been fed the line that God s love is unconditional I know I have Although some of us may be inclined to argue that it is indeed let s set that aside for now and focus on Welch s view of God s love In the paragraph where Welch cites Mark 35 and Mark 833 what does he say is wrong with using the word unconditional in describing God s love7 If God s love is not unconditional what was the condition that had to be met in order for us to experience His love8 What is contra conditional love9 In discussing the deep deep love of Jesus Welch contrasted knowing that someone smiles on you with knowing what What are the results of eachHOLY LOVE HOLY JUSTICE10 What do all the holiness laws of the OT show usHOLY MEANS JESUS IS NOT ORDINARY11 What must the psychological distress and problems in living that plague us all find their resolution in And what is that according to Hebrews 722 86 724 725 726 914 81 928 HOLINESS FORGOTTEN12 Our humanizing of God usually means that we also minimize his holiness We get angry with him when things don t go our way But God is He is the and we are his We are his and he has the right to bring whatever he wants into our lives And who are we to stand in judgment of God s Isn t that saying that we are the epitome of justice rather than saying that God s justice is holy Who are we to critiue God s If we don t see it in our it is because we are euating love with God s love however always has a larger view 13 The cross displaysThe cross indicatesSin called downSin demanded a payment thatOnly the cross can speak simultaneously aboutCHRIST THE CENTER OF HISTORY The Apostle Paul s Exaltation of Christ14 Shortly after this study began I ran across Romans 1313 14 while reading the Bible Although it was not a passage Welch referenced it very well could have been Listen Let us walk properly as in the daytime not in orgies and drunkenness not in sexual immorality and sensuality not in uarreling and jealousy But put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to gratify its desires When I read this I wondered what it meant to put on Christ After much reflection and further study I think it has to do with regularly acknowledging who I am in Christ I found myself turning to Romans 6 and Ephesians for specifics Read Romans 1313 14 again before reading the section of the chapter The Apostle Paul s Exaltation of Christ 15 What is your response to the last paragraph of the chapter in this section 16 The chapter started with 2 Peter 13 Read 2 Peter 13 9 Comment on how the passage fits with the chapter CHAPTER 101 Since our society is one that favors the self indulgent not modesty how might that impact one s sanctificationChristian maturity How does one not follow the pattern of this world Rom 121 2 when it comes to personal or familial excess in regards to material possessions homes cars bikes phones etc2 Among evangelical Christians Let go and let God is still a motto we live by Our sense is that if change feels like self effort and hard work then it is probably legalistic and not animated by the Holy Spirit Is this true Whywhy not Defend your answer with Scripture3 What is the reason for capitalism working according to Welch What does this say about capitalism Should Christian support capitalism Whywhy not4 Is sin enjoyable Explain your answer How would you answer this uestions to an unbeliever5 Since some craving involves biology or the cellular level is it therefore caused by biology or cells Explain the relationship between biological urges and cravings as spiritual problems6 In your own words explain self control7 Explain the connection between the second coming of Christ and an addict s wife walking in on him when viewing porn8 What is a public strategy

Free download Addictions A Banuet in the GraveFinding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Resources for Changing Lives

Addictions A Banuet in the GraveFinding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Resources for Changing Lives

Addictions A Banuet in the GraveFinding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Resources for Changing Lives Summary ↠ 104 Free download Addictions A Banuet in the GraveFinding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Resources for Changing Lives Hope in God's love that is faithful even when we are not and hope that God can give power so that we are no longer mastered by the addiction Each chapter concludes with Practical Theology guidance As You Face Your Own Addictions and As You Help Someone Els. This was a really easy read Welch doesn t bog you down with any big words or complicated ideas but also doesn t dumb any of these truths down Despite its title Addictions isn t a book just for counselors or addicts everyone can benefit from this title Every chapter I not only found myself educated on addictions and the theology that surrounds them but I also was given a new sensitivity to my own heart and struggles

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Addictions A Banuet in the GraveFinding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Resources for Changing Lives Summary ↠ 104 Free download Addictions A Banuet in the GraveFinding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Resources for Changing Lives A worship disorder this is how Edward T Welch views addictions Will we worship ourselves and our own desires he writes or will we worship the true God With this lens the author discovers far in Scripture on addictions than passages on drunkenness There we. Very biblical description of addictions and how they can take over a person s life The book uses the illustration of alcohol but freuently refers to other addictions making it clear that all addictions can be dealt with in the same way Practical advice pointing people to the Bible as the source of all hope in this situation Recommended