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CHARACTERS Released ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB A.J. Ridges ã 6 CHARACTERS Some laws are made to be brokenOn the small male dominated planet of Noval gay sex is forbidden Unfortunately for Krial his size and strength make him a prime candidate for Noval’s breeding selection training Krial is angry and resentful when he’s forced to spend three months on the backward archaic planet However he never anticipates falling hard for his gruff and demanding trai. A Hearts On Fire Review THREE HEARTS In AJ Ridges Released the sci fi erotica starts off with a little exhibition scene Krial is participating the male dominated planet Noval s breeding selection process a sort of a Hunger Mating games The prize is being able to mate with a coveted female the women are scarce Dax Krial s trainer is the only person he s interested in Krial is gay And he lusts for the other alpha man If you like James Cox sci fi smut which I do you might like this story It read less campy if I have to compare But overall it was sexy light fun Don t look too hard for memorable characters or plot and just enjoy the hotness of ReleasedSometimes the uotes were spot on LikeBecause every fucking morning I lay in bed jerking off to thoughts of you stroking you sucking you eating you fucking youAnd sometimes it dropped off the wayside LikeThe first time I cum inside of you I want it to be in your ass Oh GodOpen your mouthThen the guy proceeds to come inside his mouthwhy not just say that instead of bringing in an ass that didn t get creamed Not a big deal but it s a little thing that bothered me But why should I look for depth in an extended PWP with light sci fi tones I say light because it read like a contemporary if you ignore the weird names There were mention of cotton blend shortsin the future they re going to have names like Grenog and wear cotton blends or shorts Let me sexy uote again to try to ignore the uibbles they are not major though editing would help this story Even though this uote head jumps just a little it s still hotI have your dried cum all over my chest and your ass still aches from me fucking it so don t ever ever try to tell me you don t belong to me Krial because you re mine You re mine for as long as your sweet little ass remains on this god forsaken planetThoughwith a ratio of 100000 men to 1 woman why wouldn t there be manman pairings Gay sex is outlawed so the 99999 men have to do without sex and procreating And they patiently wait to participate in this Noval s Next Top Mating Games Where only 1 guy gets to mate with a chick I imagine a world of utter chaos if this happened women would never be safe dudes aren t waiting patiently to bonethat poor girl would be mince meat I digress I m sorry I m trying to make sense and this a PWP So on the surface you have hot sex 2 exhibitionist alphas fucking all over the shipsettlementplanetspace thing finger play jacking off anal desk sex in front a dignitary It s hot If you looking for stroke fic or something where you can turn your thinking cap off give this a try

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CHARACTERS Released ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB A.J. Ridges ã 6 CHARACTERS T in his place by his massive and controlled trainer Never in his wildest dreams does Krial imagine that Dax will touch him kiss him or invite him back to his bed Released is a complete smutty erotic mm romance featuring two futuristic gay alpha males who’ll leave you breathless This story contains explicit mm sexual situations content and language and is intended for adult readers. My friend s reviews say Nay But I m still going in Thank goodness it works with me

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CHARACTERS Released ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB A.J. Ridges ã 6 CHARACTERS Ner – Dax Dax is a professional He won’t break the law but he’s not above blurring a few lines for the benefit of his trainee Sometimes when the planets align the impossible becomes possibleWhen the unthinkable happens and Krial is selected as the next breeder he lashes out at the only one who can handle him – Dax During the physical battle that follows Krial expects to be pu. I love Sci Fi so I was curious about this gay erotic short story For me the erotica aspect of the story was very hot and the story incorporated some interesting and fresh ideas The timeline of events was somewhat confusing for me in the beginning but I caught on after a bit The book starts right in the middle of the release ceremony where many different men are jerking off in hopes that their sperm will make them most suitable to win and get a mate Through a flasback we find out inf on what is going on and how the relationship between Kriall who is competing and Dax his trainer has progressed They are on Noval where homosexuality is prohibited due to the aftereffects of an event that killed 98% of the planet s female populationand left the need for strikt breeding rules I still don t understand why changes in climate would cause almost all women to die but lave most men able to adapt a virus targeting women would have made a lot sense to me However even while the plot didn t always make sense to me I can t deny that the MCs had a lot of chemistry and the sex was hot and differentOverall I can rec this book only to people who can overlook a few plot holes for some sexy covert action on a different planet This works as hot short story with a major focus on erotica but there isn t much romance and the plot couldn t enirely hook me