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  • 20 February 2020
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Journey into Violence The Kerrigans A Texas Dynasty #3 Read ✓ 2 In the musty backrooms of the Kansas boomtown Back in west Texas the Kerrigan ranch is under siege A wagon train full of gravely ill travelers has come on to the parched Kerrigan range being led by a man on a secret mission With Kate's son uinn manning the home front one wrong step could be fatal when the shooting suddenly star. Journey into Violence by William Johnstone is the book that I am doing my book review on I have read a lot of books writing by Johnstone and all of them have pleased me I think Johnstone is one of the best western writers that ever existed The Journey into Violence is about a woman that is named Kate Kerrigan Kate owns a big ranch in the state of Texas She also has a lot of cow punchers and cowboys working for her but her main hand goes by the name of Frank Cobb Frank Cobb was a slick gunfighter until he wanted to settle down and work Kate s ranch One day on the Kerrigan ranch a young cowboy showed up out of the blue The cowboys name was Hank Lowery Hank is also a gunfighter who wants to lose his reputation so he comes to Kate for help Kate makes him a cowhand but things stir up between Hank and Frank The two gunfighters learn how to get along especially with Kate on their tail When it comes to the annual cattle drive Kate brings along Hank Frank and Kate s son Trace The cattle team drive the cattle all the way to Dodge city in Kansas When the team get to Dodge Hank goes and finds himself a poker game while the other cowboyscowgirls hit the hay When Hank is done from his poker game he starts walking back to the hotel when he hears a girl scream Hank goes to the rescue but when he gets there the girl is already dead The sheriff finally shows up and thinks Hank killed the poor lady The sheriff then locks up Hank and leaves Kate Frank and Trace wondering what happened that night Kate knows that Hank didn t kill the girl so she is set out on finding the real killer When Kate gets close a epic gunfight erupts out of the conflict You should read the book to see what happens next The genre of this book would be a western because this book took place in that time period when there was cowboys and gunslingers Some of the themes of this book would include justice death and courage I would rate this book a four out of five stars for it s thrilling gunfights I really liked this book because it gave me an idea of how hard it would be to live back in the good old western days Just imagine getting shot over a card game that sounds ridiculous to us but it was really common back then I can also imagine the cattle drive and how you would eat dust on the whole trip because I have had some experience chasing cattle and eating their dust This book was also a page turner because you were on the edge of your seat and you wanted to know what would happen next Here is an example of a great and epic gunfight that happened at a train station between Hank Drugo Odell and a big black man who wants revenge Hank drew Even as his fingers closed on the Colt s handle he realized he was a full second too slow Odell s gun came up the man still grinning but then the morning exploded Odell s back arched like a drawn bow as two barrels of buckshot slammed into him Hit hard he turned his face shocked A black man held a smoking Greener in his hand He said That was for my sister Alva I would recommend you picking up this book and reading it because I really enjoyed it for it s detail about the old west and how it was changing during that time period

Summary Journey into Violence The Kerrigans A Texas Dynasty #3Journey into Violence The Kerrigans A Texas Dynasty #3

Journey into Violence The Kerrigans A Texas Dynasty #3 Read ✓ 2 Facing a mystery of murder A cowboy she hired a man with a notorious past has been accused of killing a prostitute and sentenced to hang Kate still trusts Hank Lowry And when a hired killer comes after her she knows she has struck a nerve Someone has framed Hank for murder in order to cover up a sinister and deadly crime spawned. And now I have to wait for the next one

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Journey into Violence The Kerrigans A Texas Dynasty #3 Read ✓ 2 The Greatest Western Writers Of The 21st CenturyThe Kerrigans risked everything to stake a claim under a big Texas sky Now one brave woman is fighting to keep that home against hard weather harder luck and the West's most dangerous men A Ranch DividedAfter a long hard journey up the Chisholm Trail Kate Kerrigan is in Dodge City. Another good bookThe story line was different and as always exciting and interesting Many different and always uickly moving things happening to lots of different people Never a dull moment