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  • 07 April 2018
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Free read ´ The Melier Women of Dor Nye #2 100 Om her in lawsWho said the life of an ex bounty hunter was going to be easy WARNING This story contains non human alien heroes mature content involving multiple heterosexual males mfm graphic language and situations intended for mature readers. Although this story builds on the first one it is not nearly as good The lack of trust and associated lies really detracted from this established couple The major new element here was not handled well and there were large gaps in the development of the relationshipsI like the central characters but they need to get away from home

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Free read ´ The Melier Women of Dor Nye #2 100 Going to make things far difficult than she had imagined Trying to come to terms with Melierun's disturbing culture and mating customs becomes challenging when an unseen threat is intent on ending her And then there's the fight for respect fr. There s only so much suealing and giggling I can take from the heroine of a story before I start losing all respect for herAlso I m not much one for menage e trois in my romance on the best of days and here It was almost like Soren no longer existed I m a bit confused overall I was looking forward to this book The first book in this series wasn t perfect but I did really rather enjoy the originality the characters as well as the twists and turns of the storyline Reading this one I found the characters suddenly rather unlikable the atmosphere stale and the plotting lazy to invisible I don t uite know what to say Even the way the mystery was solved view spoiler The detective work if there was any to find Lucia s would be assassin all happened unmentioned behind the scenes and was apparently completely unnecessary In the end the very obvious guilty party simply jumped up and announced their guilt without any pressure of discovery hide spoiler

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Free read ´ The Melier Women of Dor Nye #2 100 New world New home New family Lucia's story continues as she attempts to adjust to life in a new setting with new people and new threats all while feeling completely out of her depth She soon realizes a deeply rooted prejudice toward humans is. 4 MMF StarsI wasn t sure how I would feel about this book since the first book is about Lucia and Soren and now it s Lucia and Soren s brother Zun I liked Zun from the first book it was hot and I kind of wanted something to happen between Zun and LuciaOverall the book is meaty The beginning was the best part because there was so much sexual tension between Lucia and Zun it really made you glued to the book I read the book in one day I liked the interactions between Zun and Lucia but I wouldn t have minded of Soren Yes Soren is still in the book because that is her first mate but the main focus of the book is Lucia and Zun s new relationship and the person trying to kill Lucia which we don t knowI liked how Lucia is the princess and she has the baby and everyone doesn t like her It was interesting to read her interactions with different characters I will admit towards the last 40% of the book I kind of lost interest because it became political and well I wanted steam but there is plenty of steam in the book So I did a lot of skimming probably the last 30% of the book Overall I enjoy these books and I will probably finish he series but it s not a series I can binge read because they are mighty long