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Summary Þ Fern Michaels Collection ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook PERFECT MATCH As far as former NFL star Jake Masters is concerned dreams are risky propositions Years ago he came achingly close to achieving his ambition of playing in the Super Bowl before a spinal injury ended his career Confined to a wheelchair unwilling to take a chance on another risky surgery that could restore his mobility Jake now stays cocooned behind the imposing gates of his lavish homeBut his twin sister Beth has no intention of letting him languish there forever After years of flitting from one failed business idea to another all fueled by Jake’s generosity she now owns a highly lucrative matchmaking service And she’s gifting the business to Jake whether he likes it or not while she follows her dreams of making it as a singer in NashvilleThough Jake had plenty of women falling all over him at the peak.

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Summary Þ Fern Michaels Collection ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Of his father’s affair At last Jake is in a position to track down Alex Rosario and make amends for their father’s past neglectAt least that’s the plan When their initial meeting goes badly a distraught Jake crashes his car and is sentenced to community work with Alex as his parole officer Jake must spend a year helping Angelica Dancer and her daughter Fancy at the Dancer Foundation for neglected children Fancy scarred within and without by the accident that ended her ballet career is even less happy with the arrangement than Jake Yet as they’re thrown together Jake Alex Angelica and Fancy make unexpected connections And as he unravels the painful truths of his past Jake realizes that his mother’s greatest gift to him lies not in his inheritance but in the future and the family he’s slowly piecing together.

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Summary Þ Fern Michaels Collection ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Of his success he knows nothing about matchmaking He’s willing to try for his sister’s sake and it’s soon clear that he needs an assistant Enter Gracie Sweet whose slender frame belies a take no charge toughness that would put any linebacker to shame Grace begins by revamping the business and soon she’s overhauling Jake’s entire life and to his huge surprise Jake’s enjoying it But when their clients become victims of theft Gracie and Jake must reconcile their very different outlooks if they’re to have any chance of saving the businessand if Jake is to make another play for the life he thought he lost FANCY DANCER On his thirty fifth birthday Jake St Cloud inherits a fortune and learns the whereabouts of his mysterious half brother On her deathbed Selma St Cloud revealed that Jake had a sibling a product.

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