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  • 12 February 2020
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Their Mistletoe Matchmakers Read & Download Ù 104 On raising the children in rough and tumble Sutter Creek California Lavinia can't bear to lose her late sister's children though or go against her father's demand to bring them homeHenry believes his nieces and nephew need affection and security than a lavish lifestyle Bu. Lavinia Crowne and Henry Hawthorn meet under a less than ideal situation when they must decide what is best for their nieces and nephew after the death of their parents Not only are the children dealing with grief they are too by losing both a sister and brother Lavinia is instructed by her overbearing rich father to bring the children to Philadelphia after the Christmas holiday and Henry is their legal guardian determined to keep them in Sutter Creek CA These two are at a crossroad with no easy solution so the uestion remains what will happen to the childrenLavinia is one character I can relate to she s stubborn determined tenacious to a fault and goes after what she wants She believes she has a strong case in being able to obtain guardianship of her sister s children and won t take no for an answer Henry is just as determined to keep the children in his care and show Lavinia that a family is made up of love and affection than the things riches can buy As time goes by she begins to admire his devotion and gentle nature that brings out the best in eight year old Alex six year old Marcie and four year old Dot As for the children they add their own delightful personalities fun and a little mischief thrown in the mix I found this to be a warm satisfying Christmas themed story full of love faith learning the important things in life and ending in sweet romance to satisfy the heart Side note this is the last book Keli Gwyn will be writing since the announcement Love Inspired will be discontinuing the historical line of books in 2018 For me it is very bittersweet since I ve enjoyed so many stories by her and have gotten to know her through them She brings the reader a great deal of joy strong faith themed stories and many fun characters to life in her novels I will truly miss seeing her books on the shelves I was provided with a complimentary copy from the author No favorable review was reuired and all opinions are my own

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Their Mistletoe Matchmakers Read & Download Ù 104 A Christmas MatchThe best Christmas possible that's what Lavinia Crowne intends to provide before taking her orphaned nieces and nephew home to Philadelphia But carrying out her plan may be harder than she expects with their handsome stubborn uncle Henry Hawthorn insisting. The Mistletoe Matchmakers had their work cut out for them Their Aunt Lavinia was stubborn To be honest I did not like her for most of the book I must say that I loved their Uncle Henry right away Lavinia Crowne was a complicated person Learning there was a to life than what money could buy She was breaking free from her father s strict rules but still planning on taking the children to live with him She was developing feelings for Henry while trying to discredit him and take custody of the children There were several times I actually told her out loud to open her eyes and see what was right in front of her I was tempted to check the last page something I never do to see if she changes I didn t because this is where the author shines Expertly crafting the story to melt my heart in the end The situation is difficult and very emotional The children lost both of their parents in an accident Their beloved uncle Henry is named their guardian in his brothers will They ve just met their mother s sister Lavinia and know nothing of her plan A few weeks spent together getting ready for Christmas bring the adults closer together The children are smart and see the attraction between their aunt and uncle Using mistletoe than once and a little prompting they finally get their wish But that is not the end There are still touching moments and drama to be had I read this book twice before writing this review It was time well spent I m sure it will become one of my regular Christmastime reads

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Their Mistletoe Matchmakers Read & Download Ù 104 T as the children conspire to bring their aunt and uncle together a new vision fills his head of future Christmases spent with sweet determined Lavinia and their growing family Can three little matchmakers and the spirit of the season bring the gift of a very happy beginni. Their Mistletoe Matchmakers is another fun and sweet story by Keli Gwyn I love her stories They are always fun sweet and heartwarming This story definitely did not disappoint I loved Lavinia and loved how she would do anything for the adorable children Then in walked in Henry and the story really began Love itA fabulous sweet and clean historical romance I highly recommend this book as well as any other book written by Keli GwynMost definitely a well deserved 5 plus starsI received this book from the author but was not reuired to write a review This review is 100% my own honest opinion