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characters Kransen AUTHOR Sigrid Undset ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ošku dubinu svojih likova i zorno predočivši okolnosti onodobnog života autorica je istodobno stvorila i nadvremensko uvijek aktualno djelo Njezini junaci nisu vezani za vrijeme oni su ljudi poput svih nas sa svim svojim slabostima i vrlinama što je j. This is one trilogy of books Kristin Lavransdatter where the experience changes with age Deeply profound this book can be hard to read as it can touch so many bruises This time around I felt far sympathy for Kristin s mother I felt like I knew her very well and loved her Poor Kristin now she will live a life her parents would have saved her from if they could have

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characters Kransen AUTHOR Sigrid Undset ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Edan od razloga da ovo djelo jakih osjećaja dubokih misli i neprolazne vrijednosti generacije čitatelja ne ispuštaju iz rukuPrvi dio trilogije Vijenac opisuje odrastanje lijepe junakinje Kristine i njezinu zabranjenu ljubav s mladim Erlendom Nikulausson. This is the first book in a trilogy set in Norway in the fourteenth century The central character is Kristin Lavransdatter who we first meet as a young girl spending a good deal of time with her father on visits to various parts of their large estate farm in eastern Norway Through the father daughter interactions we the readers get an introduction to rural life farming social customs and religious beliefs of early 14th century Norway We also fall in love with the sweet innocent girl that Kristin is at that point in the storyLater when Kristin has been engaged to a local notable man uite a few years her senior she is unsure about the marriage Her understanding and caring father agrees with her plea to let her spend a year or so in a convent near Oslo Through Kristin s experiences in the convent we learn about both 14th century city and convent lifeShe may be living at the convent but her life is certainly not cloistered She is allowed to go into the city for market and social occasions Through these trips she meets Erlend who becomes the love of her life But she is betrothed to another man so things get complicated Breaking the engagement of course has its own difficulties But it turns out that her new love Erlend has had a wife and a paramour with whom he has two children Kristin s parents think Erlend is an unwise choice for their daughter so several years pass in which their marriage is forbiddenThey eventually become married by the end of this book but by then Kristin is pregnant and has been an accomplice in the murder death of Erlend s former mistress So their marriage begins under the cloud of guilt for grave sin This is in contrast to the young innocence with which the book beganSigrid Undset won the 1928 Nobel Prize in Literature largely because of the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy This book provides a well done descriptive portrayal of 14th century Norway But the plot itself impresses me as a soap opera sort of romance novel At this point I haven t read the second and third books of the trilogy so it s possible my appreciation of the story may improve as I advance through the trilogy It s clear to me that guilt is going to be part of the coming plot of the next two books Also I m pretty sure her new husband in my opinion can not be trusted to be a faithful companion We ll see if my suspicions are correct

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characters Kransen AUTHOR Sigrid Undset ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Poznato remek djelo čuvene norveške književnice Sigrid Undset 1882 1949 Kristina Lavransova kći velika je srednjovjekovna saga u tri sveska za koje je autorica dobila i Nobelovu nagradu za književnost Oslikavši vrsnim književnim umijećem svu psihol. Kransen The Wreath Kristin Lavransdatter 1 Sigrid UndsetKristin Lavransdatter is a trilogy of historical novels written by Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset The individual novels are Kransen The Wreath first published in 1920 Husfrue The Wife published in 1921 and Korset The Cross published in 1922 Kristin Lavransdatter is the daughter of Lavrans a charismatic respected nobleman in a rural area of Norway and his wife Ragnfrid who suffers from depression after the loss of three infant sons and the crippling of her younger daughter Ulvhild in an accident Raised in a loving and devoutly religious family Kristin develops a sensitive but wilful character defying her family in small and large ways At an early age she is exposed to various tragedies After an attempted rape raises uestions about her reputation she is sent to Nonneseter Abbey Oslo a Benedictine nunnery which proves to be a turning point in her life 2001 20