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Summary The Last Days Of Us 108 Download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » Beck Nicholas Old life back including her ex There’s just one complication Finn is now dating CassNow it’s the last week of summer and Zoey Cass and Finn are setting out on the road trip of a lifetime to see their favourite musician Gray perform live joined by Finn’s infuriatingly attractive bad boy cousin Lu. 25 StarsSixteen year old Zoey is embarking on a journey of reflection and discovery attending a performance in Melbourne and accompanied by her best friend and former boyfriend After her brother Daniel passed away her relationships dissolved as Zoey medicated with a destructive concoction of alcohol and isolation Although remorseful Zoe is courageous to concede and apologise for her behaviour she continued to endure the relationship of friend and former boyfriend Finn Two important figures in her life seeking solace in one another rather than support ZoeyAccompanying them on the journey is Lucien and Jolie siblings and cousins of Finn A stoic young man and reluctant passenger Lucien appears menacing while Jolie is a vivacious and effervescent fifteen year old Zoey is attracted to Lucien He s attentive and paternal but with no regards for her best friend Zoey is determined to rekindle her relationship with RyanI despised Ryan and his girlfriend Zoey was intoxicated and allegedly discovered with a young man and conseuently this excused her friend and boyfriend from their behaviour The narrative circumvents the discussion of consent and Zoey is criticised by her friend for her sexuality implying she s promiscuous I found the relationship between Zoey Finn and his girlfriend noxious as Zoey endeavours to reestablish her relationship with Finn It explores adolescent relationships and deception Although Zoey is distressed she attempts to manipulate Finn into a new relationship Her friend is barely present a character only existing to aggravate Zoey and create a point of melodrama within the narrative She spends the entire journey either unsociable or being offensiveLucien is a compassionate young man and I enjoyed his gentle and familial relationship with Jolie who is spontaneous and charismatic her enthusiasm and vitality is infectious I m disappointed the narration focalised Zoey when Jolie could have offered a pragmatic perspective I applaud Zoey s character for reflecting on her behaviour but pursuing Finn was uncomfortable Zoey s resentment of the relationship between Lucien and Jolie was exhausting as she continuously compared her relationship with DanielThe essence of The Last Days of Us is spontaneity absolution and adversity Unfortunately it s melodramatic monotonous and not for me

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The Last Days Of Us

Summary The Last Days Of Us 108 Download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » Beck Nicholas Six months ago Zoey’s life went off the rails After the tragic loss of her brother she partied her way to oblivion estranged her best friend Cass and pushed away her now ex Finn But when her destructive behaviour reaches dangerous heights Zoey realises she needs to pull herself together and get her. i enjoyed this contemporary read not as much as i thought i would have liked but i think if you love books like this you ll enjoy it

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Summary The Last Days Of Us 108 Download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » Beck Nicholas C and his vibrant younger sister Jolie Zoey thinks this is her chance to put things to rights and convince Finn they should get back together But she wasn’t counting on her friends’ lingering resentment Luc’s disarming sincerity and Jolie’s infectious love for life to turn her plans upside dow. This was a sweet and fun love story with a giant side of feels no you re ugly crying A perfect summer read