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SUMMARY Ý AWS Certified Solution Architect –Associate Guide An effective guide to becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Key Features A fast paced guide that will help you clear the exam with confidence Learn to build highly reliable and scalable workloads on the AWS platform  A step by step guide that will get you up and running with building and managing applications on AWS platform Book Description AWS is currently the market leader in the public cloud marketWith the increasing global interest in leveraging cloud infrastructure AWS Cloud from offers a cutting edge platform for architecting building and deploying web scale cloud applicationsWith rapid adaptation of cloud platform the needs for cloud certification has also increased AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Guide is your one stop solution guide to g.

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SUMMARY Ý AWS Certified Solution Architect –Associate Guide Out AWS Terminology and Identity Access Management Acuaint yourself with important services of cloud with features such as Compute Network Storage and Databases Define access control to secure AWS resources along with efficient monitoring Backup your database and ensure high availability by understanding all database related services in the AWS cloud  Integrate AWS services with your applications to meet and exceed non functional reuirements Build and deploy cost effective highly available applications Who This Book Is For If you are an IT professionals and Solutions Architects looking to clear AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate 2018 then this book is for youThis book is also for Developers looking to build scalable applications on AWS and are also new to it.

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SUMMARY Ý AWS Certified Solution Architect –Associate Guide Etting you from zero to certified The main focus of this book will be to get you Certified This book will start with a uick introduction about AWS and the pre reuisites to get you started Next this book dives deep into Diferent types of AWS services including points such as S3 EC2 VPC SNS and so on to get you prepared with core services Moving forward this book will teach you how to design and deploy highly scalable applications Finally this book will cover security concepts along with AWS best practices and mock paper to test your knowledge about the AWS certificationBy the end of this book you will be well prepared to pass the CSA exam and will be capable to a build secure and reliable applications What you will learn Get started with basic concepts of AWS Learn ab.

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