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  • For the Reign For the Blood #3
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  • 06 February 2019
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Download For the Reign For the Blood #3 107 It's hardly a fair race when you're racing against time Eva's story concludes in this. 45 stars This series is a sprint and not a marathon I thought I knew where this was goingEh nope I really didn tI was just mildly enjoying this race to the finish line then bam the game changed And it really stepped it upEva has always been a little badass but the Eva we see here is like a Mutant X Deadpool of abilities and she s getting stronger as well as weaker Shes on a countdown to the end and the urgency really comes across The whole series had a fast forward 100 miles an hour feelimage error

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Download For the Reign For the Blood #3 107 Walking Dead in this Post Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy with a slow burn Why Choose romanc. 45 Fantastic ending to the series and Eva kicks some serious ass hereDebbie Cassidy is the ueen of Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem as far as I m concerned and I love the complexity and depth of the worlds she creates and how they are all interlinked across her different series It boggles my mind uite franklyShe writes brilliantly strong and likeable female leads with diverse and interesting males and Eva and her guys are no differentI don t want to give away spoilers but this is a brilliant final installment with non stop actions and some real twists and turns you do not expect I also loved how it all resolvedIf you haven t started this series yet go back to the beginning and you won t be disappointed Then go read alll if her other books

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Download For the Reign For the Blood #3 107 Final thrilling installment in the For the Blood series The Vampire Diaries meets The. Well first thing I ll say is is this book had a shit ending Not only that but almost the whole book was rushed and forced times like sex the only parts truly expanded on But wtf was that ending all this to save Tobias and then she ends up having to kill him are you kidding me Plus bam she s dead after imploding reincarnated as a God and will have to give up all her guys and go live in the Fae realm I m really disappointed by the abrupt end and how uick everything was wrapped up Last minute Jace becomes one of her guys and yet Noah will stay behind umm ok She s ready to leave them all as her Power as the Hunt will inevitably overtake all her emotion but at the last minute they tell her they re tagging along and suddenly she believes they can work through it What about Benji What about Jamie Hell what about the world now that the cure has been dispersed Most of her relationships between her and the guys are only mildly developed I know there s another short novella after this but as the last book in the series I m totally letdown