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  • Paperback
  • 168
  • Ungefähre Landschaft
  • Peter Stamm
  • English
  • 11 June 2018
  • 9781590512265

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READ ´ Ungefähre Landschaft Her late 20s has a son from an early marriage and has drifted into a second loveless marriage to a man whose cold and dominating conventionality forms a bold stroke through the unformed landscape of her life After she makes a discovery about her husband that deeply wounds her Kathrine cuts loose from her moorings and her confusion and sets off in search of herself Her journey begins aboard a ship headed south taking her below the Arctic Circle for the first time in her life Kathrine makes her way to France and h. You know thoserarebooksin which the characters live in you through out the day while you are not readingThis is one of those

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READ ´ Ungefähre Landschaft Unformed Landscape begins in a small village on a fjord in the Finnmark on the northeastern coast of Norway where the borders between Norway Sweden Finland and Russia lie covered in snow and darkness where the real borders are between day and night summer and winter and between people Here a sensitive young woman like Kathrine finds few outlets for her desires Half Norwegian half Sami an indigenous people Kathrine works for the customs office inspecting the fishing boats arriving regularly in the harbor She is in. Whether you continued to try and swim The brief moment when you went down before you suffocated When you stopped struggling for breath stopped thrashing about with your arms The instant in which he d given up and maybe swam a couple strokes not to get to the surface there was no point and he knew it A couple of strokes And the calm the uiet under the water The fact that the last moment is supposed to be happy I read Peter Stamm s Unformed Landscape earlier this year I ve wished that it was the day that I read that book many times since The day would have to end again and I would wish that it could be when I was curled up in the chair in the public library reading room with my book It is probably one of my favorite books I ve read in 2013 despite the missing stars The four stars is the ending that shuts off It is the meeting someone and you hope you can be uiet and breathe together but then time inches by and they never call you and the voice in your head starts up again to say they turned into everyone else you felt dumb around I don t know if it is another direction I don t want to say it is the too loose endings tied up in a neat bow kind of ending If someone steps out from you were under my nose and I couldn t smell the good right in front of me is an easy ending and I m too bitter to accept it I don t want to admit that just yet Kathrine and her could be something friend turns into something and they are a family It s not too happy that I can t believe it My nose doesn t freeze to the cold glass of a warm room far away not uite But it ends and I have not caught up It had fit this place inside of me and it was water It moved on without me and a life will take place without me Everything was bigger and noisier there were people around cars on the streets But she had hardly seen anything that she hadn t seen at home or in Tromso There s not a lot of room in a person she thought Kathrine runs away from her Finnmark village of Tromso She was a custom s officer She looked into cargo holds of ships and she drank cheap coffee She still lived in the same town as her ex husband the father of her son Randy named after a country singer he liked My guess is Randy Travis I am surprised that Randy would be on the register of legal names Of course the author is Swiss and he didn t know or maybe I m mistaken about Norway having the same laws as Sweden Randy is distracting anyway I imagined the Randys I have known and they were not little Nordic boys She was still living in her old apartment that is moved into without her when her new husband slowly removes traces of all Kathrine s personality Good bye to her American paperback thrillers and ugly furniture They are moved into his upper class parent s home without her word of protest or consent Her son is moved into their life his son now their grandchild She could be standing in the doorway of their don t touch anything nice home Nothing to do with her hands and nothing to do with her expressions Kathrine doesn t touch anything Kathrine takes all of the money she has in the bank and runs awayShe doesn t see the sky on her journey to Paris She sits in stations and on buses and sleeps with the shades drawn from daylight I know that it was funny sad and sad than funny that when she does to Paris she sees a fish factory that looks exactly like the fish factory she managed to escape most don t She goes to Paris to see the Danish Christian a fine Christian name she met when he worked for the fish factory in Tromso He sets up her email account They write for a little while They stop writing and she gets married He never tried to kiss her Kathrine meets people she meets men There is attraction there in the nothing to do with your hands and expression A placeholder One tour guide on a ship takes her to his home He sits on the floor outside the bathroom He will tell his wife about her The half Sammi Kathrine is exotic and I feel numb to attraction between characters in books most times I cannot see the desire in their eyes This background noise of man woman goes by like the view on a train for me It would be sad that she goes all of this way to see Christian That she stands in the doorway first in his home and his mother gives her the what are you doing here look Is it because she is exotic I could shrivel in that what are you doing here look I run away with her I don t care that Christian isn t really going to be there when she pushes for something to do to sleep together There s no connection I loved it when Kathrine watches the people doing the little life things and images what it would be like to be them to be French to do their things It isn t different really You could do those things I always know I can do those things too and it is still my favorite thing to do to go somewhere else and feel such envy of strangers Fruit sellers two girls in a library picking out music I felt such envy for this bus driver in Bilbao I mapped out where he was going and how lucky he was to live somewhere else that I didn t live to be someone that wasn t me When Kathrine counts out her change on the bus station table and reads her American thrillers I don t enjoy these kinds of books at all I could be watching her too and feel that envy I was so happy when Kathrine finally got to join the stupid polar bear club the men in her life never let her join She gets a post card and some dumb coin I want to join the polar bear club I wanted to drink coffee with her Russian sea captain friend from her customs job in FinnmarkBut what about the son she doesn t know she loves because she didn t think about what it would feel like to lose him The son she considers her cold husband s son The husband who lied to her about everything all along and she follows him to find he has been sitting in one of those fishing shacks to play cards instead of running Kathrine lets go and they catch up to her like the image on the web cam focused on her village Images caught in seconds freeze frame and across the street It must be always cold and dark from that view and you have to go inside to be warm and not think about things I would miss the sun and it is funny sad that Kathrine doesn t see the sun when she runs away What does she see that she didn t already see at home I wouldn t want to go home either I would want to do the things I could do as someone else doing them It is different that way less you alone I loved it when her money almost runs out she is temporarily reprieved when she meets these traveling Swedish girls The awkward imposing on their temporarily friendly company Stay with us we ll pay it doesn t matter you don t have any money The Nordic men like you better You don t have any money Sit on the bed and feel miserable Listen to their easy laughter together The one girl is nice It feels so precarious you want them to be nice you don t want to be the person people are nice to because they feel sorry for you You start to think maybe you re a better person alone Kathrine is going to have to go home and face up to her husband s tyrannical family I liked that her life is revealed this slow way like she is running away from it and when she doesn t have anywhere else to go no one else to be it has to come back That felt true to me But then she is going to be with the Frenchman her friend that always had a girlfriend when she didn t have a boyfriend They are going to live together They are going to move away from Tromso with the kid It is going to be a new life someone else could have and I can t see it to feel envy about the little things you could do And I m envious of me when I was reading it because it was nice to read about her past when her Sammi father had the job on the Sammi reservation for tourists I was in her life too and there was something else in my head than just me Little Kathrine wore authentic gear and people stared I had found Unformed Landscape when I was looking up books translated by Michael Hofmann goodreader Lee once wrote he was a foolproof way of discovering great German language authors I had been wishing I had a book about the Sammi It was at the time my calming place to look up photos of Sammi houses and watch videos I want to live in the little house on stilts that look like chicken leg Baba Yaga houses I couldn t believe I found both in one book I would want to watch the lives and there little Kathrine was living her life as her father gets paid to show how other people liveA long time ago I read about another book describing it as the hidden interior life of another thing They didn t feel home here and I thought that was exactly what I wanted That s what Unformed Landscape is and it is my kind of a book To breathe and stand in the doorway and then you start to relax and the person is not just going to be nice they will start to make faces you can recognize and know you can find a space between you It s not hidden it s living and you respect it like a living thing I love to get this from books like this It s pretty amazing to me you can do it in a book I forget I m reading and I m watching Kathrine s face and I see her uietly wishing for something else She runs away and then she learns how to read the hidden interior life If you didn t get that from another person how do you get relief enough from yourself to see what was too close before


READ ´ Ungefähre Landschaft As the bittersweet experience of a love affair that flares and dies uickly her starved senses rewarded by the shimmering beauty of Paris Through a series of poignant encounters Kathrine is led to the richer life she was meant to have and is brave enough to claim Using simple words strung together in a melodic alphabet Peter Stamm introduces us through a series of intimate sketches to the heart of an unforgettable woman Her story speaks elouently about solitude the fragility of love lost illusions and self discove. I have traveled around northern Norway and this book really captures the countryside and the pace of life there I thought the opening descriptions were brilliant but by the end I found it hard going I did finish it but I m not a big fan of stories that are just like life that is unresolved Yes there was some resolution but not enough I fear