KINDLE [On The Run With Love]

  • Paperback
  • 213
  • On The Run With Love
  • J.M. Benjamin
  • English
  • 11 May 2018
  • 9780981775609

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Free download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì J.M. Benjamin J.M. Benjamin ì 4 Free download On The Run With Love Free download ✓ 104 S trip to New Jersey for a funeral as an opportunity to link up with his cousin Freddie in hopes of finding a new supplier Freddie wants to show his cousin a good time Jersey style while he's visiting only he chooses the wrong place wrong time to do so At the end of the night two people are left in their on blood one the younger brother of a known drug dealer the other a cop Freddie is forced to make some uick decisions To evade h. Freddie Holmes is your archetypal street running heart breaker with a specialty in seduction a ladies man or male gigolo if you will He loves flashy clothes cars money and beautiful women But he s far from your average gun toting hustler He is known for seducing and preying on women to get what he wants milking them down to the last drop and for everything they ve gotThe story wouldn t be worth the read without the supporting cast Simone Freddie s main woman who is what every ghetto don desires she is attractive smart and does whatever she has to in order to please her king even hustle if it calls for it Gina his dessert after every meal with Simone being his main course every time Slug the cousin of Freddie who schools his family member on the ins and outs of the dope gameThe story doesn t actually start until Freddie murders a rival thug and accidentally strikes a police officer From here on in you now know why the book is titled On The Run With Love Freddie drops his gun while trying to evade return fire from his rivals the gun has his fingerprints all over it Simone is drawn in into this catastrophe after the car Freddie was driving on the night of the murder is found and authorities learn the car is registered in her name On the run they go with Simone risking it all to be with Freddie With police in search of Freddie and Simone plus the victim s brother out for vengeance how will they ultimately live their livesThe two venture south with the help of Slug Through it all Simone would end up pregnant and Freddie goes back to what he knows best macking in order to provide for the both of them and their unborn child Eventually while down south Freddie gets back with Gina for the first time since he s been on the run and not only does she drain his pockets of the little bit of money he had but she also sets him up with a package to distribute for sale He turns to Slug for assistance in successfully flipping the drugs Now it s back to the lavish life they all know while police and henchmen track them to the southOn The Run With Love proves to be your one stop shop for a street lit book that is filled with clothes jewelry cars women cops and robbers What somewhat amazed me was the fact that not one character in this book was unattractive everyone for the most part seemed to either have a gorgeous face an excellent figure or body and long luscious hair with perfect features and well dipped well dressed This was one of the first novels that I ve read where you didn t have to worry about imagining a character with a horrible appearanceWhat did you like best about this book I loved the front cover and I also liked the book s overall messageWhat did you dislike about this book The story took some time to pick up then it slowed down again a rollercoaster ride for sure There were a few moments where the story got off track and lost its focus There was too much description of clothes jewelry and the like I often got distracted with this as well as the overuse of slang within the narrative Freddie said Ma too many times and it actually got annoying throughout the readThere were tons of unnecessary character banter fumbling and tussling This also slowed the overall read down There was not one ugly female inserted in this book again every last female introduced within the pages was extra glamorous Simone Gina Kiki Tina all of them I actually started waiting for an ugly character The fact that everyone was beautiful made this a bit unrealistic because in reality everyone is not a beauty ueenHow can the author approve this book Get rid of all the irrelevant things This took away from the narrative and story being told and made it fall off track freuently Imagine listening to someone talk to you about a movie but all that is spoken of is what the characters were wearing instead of plot points or scenes

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Free download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì J.M. Benjamin J.M. Benjamin ì 4 Free download On The Run With Love Free download ✓ 104 Is situation he takes his cousin up on his offer relocates to North Carolina and changes his profession but not without his soon to be wife Simone Simone gives up everything to go on the run with her man all in the name of love and gets a dose of reality She had no idea what she had signed up for as she takes a good look at her life with Freddie See how Freddie Holmes learns the hard way that you can run but you can't hide forever. freddie had bumped in too cream and mannie on downtown plainfield and had a shoot out maniie got killed and when freddie was running he shot a cop that is now in critical condition now freddie and his fiance simmone on the run freddie let everything out and told simmone what he had been doing to get money witch was to have sexual intercourse with other woman and take thier money

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Free download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì J.M. Benjamin J.M. Benjamin ì 4 Free download On The Run With Love Free download ✓ 104 Freddie Holmes could've wrote the book on How to Be A Player With his good looks gift of gab his Jersey swag and ability to put it down in the bedroom his only source of income is the women he manipulates But after meeting Simone his new fiance he decides to hang up his womanizing gloves so he says but not before his past catches up to him Slug is a stick up kid hustler from the dirty south After losing his drug connect he uses hi. On The Run With Love is packed with the streetness that fans of JM Benjamin s previous books have come to expect But it also successfully appeals to both female and male readers who will undoubtedly identify with the dilemmas faced by both Freddie and Simone And the conflict that arises as both characters attempt to follow their hearts