Deaf Sentence (E–book)

  • Paperback
  • 309
  • Deaf Sentence
  • David Lodge
  • English
  • 09 February 2019
  • 9780141035703

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Deaf Sentence Summary ã 8 Lp after a typical misunderstanding at a party But her increasingly bizarre reuests cannot all be blamed on his defective hearing So much for growing old graceful. Lodge s portrayal of hearing loss is amazingly specific and illustrates both the farcical and painful sides of this disability And the father son relationship points to how maddening aging parents can be to children who aren t in such fine shape either The novel takes a surprisingly poignant moving turn as it approaches its end The best novel David Lodge has written in the years in my opinion

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Deaf Sentence Summary ã 8 Epeating herself Roles are reversed with his aging father who resents his son's attempts to help him And then there's Alex a student whom Desmond has agreed to he. I planned to have this book as a bedtime read but it was hopeless in that capacity I kept sitting up in bed and hooting with laughter not a good recipe for pre sleep soothing Once I had taken the book downstairs and could enjoy it in daylight though there was no stopping me What a fantastic book It has several strong themes It discusses what it is like to be going deaf knowing that the end result is going to be absolute deafness It does this with humour sadness and insight I learnt so much about deafness from this book It gets beautifully inside a marriage and with warmth and insight shows us the dance the tooing and froing of a happy relationship It does this with subtlety and depth and humour We see two thoughtful people caring for one another It shows us the problems of trying to care for an ageing parent plus a love that surmounts a host shortcomingsOn top of all this we have a cracking story but I am not going to talk about that as I want to avoid spoilersHere s a snip of humour from the book The pastime of the dance went to pot Sylvia Cooper seemed to say so we spent most of the time in our shit the cows in laws finding they stuttered What I said I said the last time we went to France it was so hot we spent most of the time in our g te cowering indoors behind the shutters Oh hot was it I said That must have been the summer of 2003 Yes we seared our arses on bits of plate but soiled my cubism I m afraid I m sorry We were near Carcasonne A pretty place but spoiled by tourism I m afraid Ah yes it s the same everywhere these days I said sagely But I do mend sherry Crap and Sargasso pained there you know There s a lovely little mum of modern tart Sherry I said hesitantly C ret it s a little town in the foothills of the Pyrenees said Mrs Cooper with a certain impatience Braue and Picasso painted there I recommend it Oh yes I ve been there I said hastily It has a rather nice art gallery The mum of modern tart uite so I said I looked at my glass I seem to need a refill Can I get you one To my relief she declinedFor every laugh there is about deafness in this reading there are also hints of a terrible sense of loss and isolation We take our ability to communicate with one another so much for granted One of the most touching aspects of the book is a lip reading class that our deaf narrator joins He is in fact a professor of linguistics No one at the class knows this and he relishes his friendship with this group of people who are experiencing the same difficultiesAll in all I had a great affection for the uiet hero of this story and that was a treat tooThis is a lovely book and an amazingly good read Highly recommended

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Deaf Sentence Summary ã 8 Retired Professor of Lingustics Desmond Bates is going deaf It's a bother for his wife who has an enviably successful new career and is too busy to be endlessly r. What happened to David Lodge I used to love his witty sense of humor and ability to capture the world of academia but this novel is just awful It s as if he took all of his notes and diaries collected various story possibilities and topics he had found interesting and threw them together with a few old ideas for characters and plots to make one jumbled mess of a story I think it was supposed to be funny but it wasn t I think it was supposed to be profound but it really wasn t Don t waste your time