Through the Faerie Glass (FREE)

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  • Through the Faerie Glass
  • Kenny Klein
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  • 02 August 2020
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REVIEW Through the Faerie Glass Kenny Klein ✓ 9 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD ✓ Through the Faerie Glass Ntment and prophesy He also offers practical tips for those who dare to visit their worl. It has multiple stories of the same story Variations and variations of the faerie story The great thing is It discusses mounds And best of all You will find a story that resonates the best with you Maybe you are pagan and work with faeries Love the book Great read

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REVIEW Through the Faerie Glass Kenny Klein ✓ 9 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD ✓ Through the Faerie Glass Airies where they live what they do their sexuality fears and talents for disguise encha. I had high hopes for this book Those hopes were hanged dashed drawn uartered and immolated all by the time the first chapter was finishedKlein spends his pages in the first chapter berating his readers suggesting that they are incredibly stupid if they should believe that any faerie ever could ever be inclined to be nice despite the stories to the contrary and some of the examples he provides himself later Besides being a waste of paper and ridiculously long winded it is also highly offensive He treats his reader like a child and judging from the way he does it he must be incredibly nasty to childrenBeyond the personal insult I felt this man cannot be called a writer Anyone who has ever written anything worth reading knows that you cannot exclude your readership by being rude and especially not in the first chapter But it s worse than that nearly everything Klein asserts as fact in this book is false Sometimes it is a misconception other times a poor interpretation and still others an outright lieThis book is entirely false from cover to cover with the exception of some of the songs and collection references he inserted awkwardly Klein purports to collect lore legend myth culture etymology and history and assemble them to reveal patterns The truth of the matter is that most if not all of his facts are completely false and tailored to suit whatever his strange agenda is and his etymological skills are that of a snail It is clear to anyone who has studied the above listed disciplines that he is wrong on every page that contains his own thoughtsHe turns stories of rescue and sudden love into stories of rape He takes stories of disappearances and turns them into human sacrifices Stories of heartbreak and jealousy become stories of cruelty and heartlessness Some he misrepresents directly in the telling rather than the interpretation twisting the tale into something that neither I nor my peers have ever heard in folk tradition all the while claiming to present the true traditional story I could rant about the horrors of this man s literary ethics for hours but now I will move on to that strange agenda I wrote about For some strange reason Klein wants most of all to vilify anything remotely otherworldly and openly suggests that they are all nothing but sex addicted murderers All otherworldly beings in his mind have the same underlying nature that of considering humans their sexual toys and their objects of sacrifice neither of which has a basis in folklore Despite the broad spectrum of Faeries in his examination and the even broader kinds he conveniently left out and despite their very different types of behavior he chooses to say that they are all exactly the same in nature If this book were about any people that everyone believed existed Klein would be labeled a racist for how sweepingly and unjustly he maligns the Fey The book would be considered hate materialThe truth of the matter is that Faeries like Man can be good or evil or simply be people with flaws eccentricities problems and jealousies The way they go about dealing with them varies as much as it does with Man Man has important cultural distinctions that determine his behavior So does Faerie but the variety is even dramatic when one considers that the Faerie Race is not a single race at all but a plethora of beings species we might say that could never be reconciled into homogeneity Man and Faerie are not that different and the similarity between our world and Faerie is what connects us and allows us to relate it is why Man longs for magic and why Faerie wonders at human will it is why maids slip off with Faerie men it is why the Selkie maid leaves immortal seas to live as a fisherman s wife until she must mourn his death Faerie is a mirror of our world different in its form and direction but ultimately the same We are each other s foilNo one s perfect Kenny Klein Not the Fey not us and most definitely not you Look down and try to move your legs your high horse might turn out to be a kelpie we should be so lucky At last I have this to say may you meet sir as many faeries as can be and may all of them know what you think of them

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REVIEW Through the Faerie Glass Kenny Klein ✓ 9 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD ✓ Through the Faerie Glass Kenny Klein draws on folkloric legend myth song and sagas to reveal the true nature of f. I picked this book up out of curiousity since I had read a large number of novels in 2010 that deal with the world of fae The premise of the book certainly sounded interesting with chapters ranging from Changelings to Faerie SexualityI have to say that the author failed to impress me due to his lack of literary finesse He was all over the place One page was focused on Scottish or IRish folklore then he jumped to Genesis from the bible followed by Zeus in Greek Mythology He jumped between so many different mythologiesreligions that it was dizzying at times and usually didn t make sense for the focus of the bookMy other big gripe with the book was that the beginning sounded like a really bad role playing or DD game master story As an example You felt brave Sheathing your iron knife pushing your uiver of bronze tipped arrows aside you approached The meeting was tense at first Language was a barrier But in a short time you showed this talented hunter that you were friendly Between the silly role play dialogue and his preachy antics at the beginning telling the reader that heshe had all sorts of misconceptions about fairies did I really say that I thought Disney Fairies were the ideal I almost gave up on the book POnly reason I gave it a chance in the end is because I find the mythology surrounding fae very interesting and I hoped that the uotes from all the Shakespeare songs and poems would be enough to make the book interesting enough to read despite the stupidity of the author I should have known better