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  • Outside the Box
  • Michael Czerwinski
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  • 18 June 2018
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Outside the Box Summary ´ 100 Y design From minimalist packaging children’s toys and decoration to furniture and even small and large scale interior architecture cardboard is now being embraced by designers around the globe as a medium with huge potential Examples of these designs with cardboard include; a cardboard wendy house designed by Peter Henke at Dutch firm Kidsonroof; pop out toys and decorations created by A4A; interior design companies who re articulated card based storage as elegant minimal additions to household product design and the internationally renowned minimalist Japanese retailer Muji which ha.

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Outside the Box Summary ´ 100 Outside the Box Cardboard Design Now reconfigures the conception of a generic industrial material into one of myriad artistic creative and practical purposes and potential revealing just how far it is possible to push the medium by the way of contemporary designLike paper cardboard is often overlooked as a medium with predominantly practical uses The versatility of the material makes it almost unavoidably ubiuitous but not necessarily inspiring At closer viewing this is changing and progressing to an altered contemporary attitude to the possibilities of cardboard’s uses in contemporar.

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Outside the Box Summary ´ 100 S created products such as cardboard speakers and picture framesIn addition to its potential as a durable material for construction there is also the sustainable credentials of the material Cardboard is positioned at the forefront of the ecologically minded whether by utilising reconstituted recycled material or by the use of off cuts and residue in industrial product manufacture and contemporary design The environmental benefits are an encouraging factor for eco conscious designers and Outside the Box profiles some of these leading designsDrawing on historical and traditional approache.

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    (Outside the Box) PDF NEW Ò Michael Czerwinski I have an obsession with cardboard An often dismissed material has limitless possibilities and if doen right can be uite sturdy The design concepts in Outside the Box are pretty inspiring If a little how to was included this may be the perfect book

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