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Download î The Lord of Misrule Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Kannan Feng Kannan Feng î 2 Download To protect himAbout the Author Kannan Feng lives next door to Lake Michigan and her current interests include mushroom recipes deconstructing superheroes oracles and the Byzantine Empire She has been previously published in Strange Horizons Alien Skin Ruthie's Club and Oysters and Chocolate The Lord of Misrule originally appeared in the Circlet Press anthology Kneel to Me and other stories of hers have appeared in other Circlet projects She will welcome great fortune and love in the new year in bed and her lucky numbers are 5 8 22 and 1. I feel I must start with a disclaimer I began reading this book with a very strong bias toward liking it before I even cracked its virtual cover Not because I already knew that I liked Kannan s writing style though this is true or because I had already read and enjoyed the short story that became the basis for the novella also true I was biased toward this book because it s my kink on the pages Despite obvious anatomical incongruities between me and the protagonists I m most deeply attracted to pairings or multiplings on the ueerer end of the spectrum and a blend of sadomasochism and power play blended with a nice sharp edge of pushing and seeking for intangible limits pushes ALL my buttons So needless to say this novella turned me on and isn t that the holy grail of erotica Honestly though I really couldn t say how someone whose tastes were contrary might view itI found Lord of Misrule delightful Rich privileged and brilliant scholar Verity is the type of character that you can cheer to see taken down a notch or seven with no misgivings and the choice of his servant cool unreadable and ever so proper Iskander as the one to bring on the taking down brings about many opportunities well taken I might add to play with the interesting aspects of power exchange as a sexual mechanismThe relationship between the two of them is in a constant state of flux that appeals to me greatly Verity struggles with the fact that his wants and needs when it comes to Iskander are contrary to his normal role in a relationship and the intensity of his feelings for him are often on the edge of becoming just too overwhelming to handle I m happy to say that he does manage to eventually crack that implacable shell of Iskander s Once or twice a little bit at least The emotional honesty with which the characters are written especially Verity s struggles allow the reader to identify with and even like a character who has than a few flawsI found the writing style flowing easy to follow and paced at such a rate that I wanted to keep turning e reader pages until I d run out As is the case with many e books especially in the erotica genre there seems to be a slightly higher concentration of copyediting errors than their paper counterparts but it passes the litmus test that I use to measure such errors with ease never did I find myself being wrenched out of the book or otherwise unpleasantly distracted by their occasional blipsA solid 45 stars or erect nipples if you preferHighly recommended to anyone whose idea of good smut involves a bit of the ueer and kinky

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Download î The Lord of Misrule Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Kannan Feng Kannan Feng î 2 Download Ander is the hottest he's ever had and submission is a bigger turn on than Verity imagined he'll do anything including a jealousy provoking affair with another student rather than submit gracefully to Iskander's controlAcademic life proceeds as normal until a professor orders Verity to assist him with a secret project Suddenly the battles of lust and control with Iskander are not the biggest challenge in Verity's life As Verity's sanity begins to unravel under the influence of an undead sorceress will Iskander's love be powerful enough. This was uite an interesting fantasy novel mixing pain with pleasure but above all giving to a Domsub relationship is true and original meaning that is no only that of being a sex game Verity Lysimachus Severi Sephandus Fen of the House of Fen has probably a name longer than his age even if for the current standard he is not so young around 25 years old he is still what you can identify to a post graduate student in a fantasy Veiled University As one of the older students he has some rights like they were not enough those his spoiled self already were claiming and so he is assigned a servant Iskander Even if younger than Verity Iskander has a dignity and a self consciousness that make him appear older and for sure savvier Iskander has that dignity that sometime you see in Asian people even when they are forced by economic conditions to accept job under their status nevertheless they perform the task with accuracy and perfection Iskander is so perfect that Verity almost forgets he is around and so Verity goes back to his bratty attitude hopping up and down the bed of almost strangers all linked together by the characteristic of being young and pretty and so easily conditioned by Verity who leads them around like lap pet One night Iskander who has never uestioned his Master s behaviour decides to teach him a lesson in a way Iskander is doing his job again at perfection his duty is to take care of Verity and to make him perfect as well and teaching Verity a lesson is the best way to straighten up the romp student Iskander was taught since he was young how to deal with servants and similar and so he mixes this skill with sex bondage flogging gagging are all good methods and by the way it s not that Verity is complaining so much But one thing is to enjoy the sex in the privacy of their bedroom and another thing is to admit to strangers that he is having sex with a servant and so Verity gets distracted or maybe search distraction in the arms of Liulfr In Verity s eyes this is not a betrayal since first he is not yet arrived to admit that he has a relationship with Iskander and second he is still convinced that he is the Master and since he cannot perform his masterly duty on Iskander then he has to find another willing recipient I like that even with being an heavily fantasy setting the story was not too much out of the ordinary to not allow the reader to identify with the world setting Sometime especially in the first part of the story I was so focused on the blossoming relationship between Iskander and Verity that I almost forgot this was a fantasy it could have been well a college romance set in a maybe 40 or 50 of the XX century European University Then the second part of the story out tracks a bit or better the fantasy side comes out strongly than before again nothing too much but definitely clearly fantasy

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Download î The Lord of Misrule Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Kannan Feng Kannan Feng î 2 Download Atia Selene is the premiere magical university on the continent and Verity Fen is its brightest star Handsome spoiled and too smart for his own goodVerity has his pick of his fellow students breaking the heart of any young man who falls into his bed One of the privileges of Verity's position is a servant who he treats with disdain who may prove to be the one man Verity can't use and use upIskander cares for his master with grace skill and discretion along with a heavy leather belt and a thoroughly commanding attitude Though sex with Isk. Started reading this tonight got about 13 through but really not feeling it For starters I don t particularly like the main characters One is a spoiled brat who s a total asshat and the other is his servant who plans to beat the master into being a better person I just can t bring myself to care about either one of them Further I don t really like the subject matterplot what plot either I was initially intrigued by the fact that this novel is set at a magical university but sadly development of this fantasy setting is pretty much non existent At the 13 mark not a whole lot has happened in general except for some BDSM flavored sex and some bizarre interactions between the main characters Perhaps there is some kind of plot later in the novel but at this point I don t think it s ridiculous to expect that something should have happened already So yeah not so much in the way of character or plot development in general Bottom Line Not my cup of tea and honestly I doubt I m going to continue reading However I imagine this selection might be appreciated by people who like brat fic or BDSM fic